Anyone in the Sugar Mnt N. Carolina area? We're planning a trip!

Dh is getting a week’s vacation coming up and we’ve decided to seize the opportunity and visit Sugar Mountain to do some skiing!

First question is, when is a good time to go? When does the snow start?

If you have any other info to help us out, it would be greatly appreciated. We’d like to stay in a cabin lodge, not necessarially at the ski resort, so recommendations would be fabulous. Any tips on saving money, rentals, etc? Any other tourist attractions we should see? How about yarn shops? :teehee:

I’ve NEVER been skiing, and the kids have only seen snow once, and that was after the thaw had started (but it was on top of Snow Bird in Utah… 15k feet high!)

We’re WAY excited, but have no idea what we’re doing. Help! :slight_smile:

Blowing Rock is a great place to visit.

My in-laws live in Hickory, which mapquests at an hour and a half away, but I think is closer if you don’t go the way they suggest. One of our KH’ers is opening a yarn store in Hickory sometime soon.:happydance:

my sister & b n law live in Banner Elk… make sure you go to Blue Ridge Needlearts in Foscoe… great yarn shop…
here’s the weather site

have a great time… usually Nov-Dec for snow ask Ray :psst:

Laura shop is now open… Strand of Purls in Hickory
Dee’s Yarn Nook in Blowing Rock

Thanks so much for your input! DH will be SO happy I know where the local yarn shops are! Heehee!

The snow is hard to gauge. It all depends on when it gets cold enough for long enought that they can start to make it. Sometimes it is Nov. or Dec., sometimes not until Jan. Let us know when you decide to come, it would be neat if we could meet up at a LYS around there for a little while while you are here.

Oh I will let you know. Plans are up in the air as for which week we go. We are waiting for snow, so as soon as it looks good, we’ll make our plans. Nothings for sure except that we’re going this winter. LOL