Anyone in the Hattiesburg, Miss. area?

I just moved into the area. I’ve been knitting about a year, so I know just enough to be dangerous! Anyone out there live in the area? Do you know of any knitting groups? Knitting shops that don’t show up on web searches? Contact me at

Still looking for knitters, although I’ve found a group of friends. I’m stuck on a pattern and can’t figure it out. Anyone in the area who’s a more experienced knitter?

Hey Wendy!!

I’m in Columbus…are you on Ravelry? There is a rather large group of knitters in your area there…


Hi, I’m in Jackson , thought I’d just say hi. I’m fairly new knitter too. If you haven’t been stop by the Knit Studio in Jackson if your ever this way. Do you have a good knit shop there? Well, hope to see you on the forum. Karla:)