Anyone huffing with their knitting?

I am trying to knit a trim onto a cardigan (you can see the disastrous result in my Ravelry projects page) and it went all ruffley and I have thought of three possible solutions, but I bet you the one that will work will be the last one I try!
I also have another cardigan that I am huffing with that I knit a couple of years ago that I sewed the wrong fronts onto the sides and didn’t realise until I tried it on. The yarn is an annoying fluffy bouclé that I know wont unpick easily so I put it in the sin bin and have been ignoring it since - really all it needs is resewed and the button band applied - but the thought of arguing with the yarn is putting me off!
Anyone else have a knitting sin bin???

Huffing? :??

huffing as in :pout: sulking with it

Oh I see. Huffing means abusing inhalants here. Had me worried there Lucy! :teehee:

I am doing well with my projects now, but I have had ones that frustrated the heck out of me. I usually give up figuring that knitting is supposed to be enjoyable and if I’m not then why bother. :wink:

As for the ruffled edge I think maybe you picked up too many stitches or increased somewhere? I’d probably rip it out and start over.

:rofl: I don’t even want to imagine how you would inhale yarn???
The pattern is in bulky yarn so you are supposed to pick up 3 stitches then KFB in the next stitch. My yarn was slightly thinner than the one in the pattern. When I swatched I realised I would have to go up several needle sizes to get gauge and the fabric was too holey, so instead I recalculated the pattern for my gauge and added in more stitches and rows. This worked fine until it came to the trim. I already went down one needle size, so now I’m going down two and try dropping the KFB - hopefully it wont be too tight!

Wow, that seems odd. It would naturally ruffle because you are increasing wouldn’t it? Is it supposed to be ruffled? On my bulky sweater I picked up 2 for every 3 stitches (if I recall correctly) and it lays flat. :think:

No huffing, but…I’m currently at that rather bewildering state when you don’t really feel like knitting. I’m waiting to get my mojo back.

Lucy - that sweater doesn’t look bad with the ruffly-ness, but I can see how you’d want the border flat. Maybe you’re just supposed to do the kfb on the curves at the bottom and maybe once or twice at the beginning slope of the V neck.

I did have one project give me fits at the beginning of the summer - it was a top down V-neck short sleeve top. I had the hardest time picking up stitches around the neck edge. One side of the V neck just didn’t want to lay flat. It was just a couple rows of garter stitch; I don’t even know how many times I re-knit that edging.

Now I must thank you for the new terms!!! I do huff and I have a sin bin which I call the frustration box but I like yours’ better. I leave my sins alone for a while and revisit them after I have calmed down and try again.
I hope you get the edge of the sweater to work. I haven’t made for myself yet but I have been looking at some pieces and I am sure I will get frustrated and yell for help!

Well the pattern is from “fitted knits” by Stefanie Japel (the trim is on page 126) if anyone else has the book. The author has put the errata on her webpage, but no errata for this pattern. The gauge for the cardigan is supposed to be 12 st to 18 rows on 6.5mm needles, but I was using a slightly thinner yarn so I got 16st to 20 rows on 5.5mm needles. I would have to have gone to 8mm needles to get gauge and it was too holey. The trim was supposed to be on 6mm needles, so I used 5mm but it obviously didn’t work. I’ve modified the rest of the pattern to match my gauge. It definitely reads to pick up and knit three stitches the KFB in the next stitch apart from the straight bit on the bottom. I’ve retried on 4.5mm needles and left out the KFB, trouble is you can’t see if it’s worked until you start to cast off as it’s all squashed onto the largest circ I could make with my Denise set.
I think “sin bin” is an ice hockey term, I’ve been made to go twice by the byf, but I don’t really like sport and it was all over my head.

You’re not the only one with the problem apparently. She attributes it to her yarn.

It’s too early in the morning for me to be reading posts…

HUFFING:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: in this country has nothing to do with yarn!

oh my, off to get more coffee.

I saw that one but she appears to have given up on it. There’s another one (with no pictures) that also complained of the same problem but the rest look ok, though some appear to have abandoned the border and done their own thing. Not many people have described it in their notes so I was wondering if it’s a problem with my understanding of the pattern, or maybe it only works if you use the recommended yarn type.

Huffing here is like sulking, like what three year olds do!

I switched to 4.5mm needles and left out the KFB and it seems to have worked ok, maybe a little off on curved bit around the bottom, but a vast improvement. It’s more fitted than I would have liked. I should have put in a few extra rows maybe,it seems to be more of an exact fit and I’m used to more positive ease, but sure that’s the point of a “fitted knit” isn’t it?

Lucy, i have that book, too and re-read the directions. If you pick up three st and kfb in the 4th st, I have no idea how Stefanie got hers to lay flat. :?? It seems like it should create a ruffle. I did her Alexandra Balleria top and found that I needed to modify it a bit, too. Hope whatever you are doing works out for you!

The battery on my camera died, and I haven’t gotten around to charging it yet. I took these on the mobile phone.
This is before with ruffley bits

and this is after, the bottom curve may not be the best but I think it’s an improvement

Looks great now! What did you change?

Huge improvement! Lovely work and yarn.

I used 4.5mm needles and picked up every stitch and left out the KFB. I think the curved part at the bottom may be a bit tighter than intended, but it’s still better. I think though I should have put in a few extra rows to compensate for going down another side as I think it’s going to be a little neat now, but I’m not redoing it again, the yarn was a pain to frog!

It’s Wendy Fusion I got on sale over the summer, it’s 50% wool, 50% acrylic. I got a bag of 10 from the shop, it has a long colour change, I think there is a way to get the stripes to go in a pattern, but you would need to unravel all the balls to know what order they were in, and I couldn’t be bothered.