Anyone "here" sell on Etsy?

I am thinking of starting a shop on “Etsy”…anyone here have any feedback? Thanks

I sell. My shop is It’s currently closed while I restock, but I LOVE etsy. Really, I do.

What is your “specialty”? I am considering Vintage Stuff (pottery, crochet books, knitting needles and books etc.) a little bit of everything ( 40 to 50 year old stuff)…What do you like about Etsy?:hug:

Well I have two businesses… Knitting a stitch in Time ( which is wholesale directly to stores pretty much) and Camobutterfly Studios. I don’t really have a specific speciality, I just post what I want. At the time I have only posted stitch markers, but I am getting ready to add a bunch of totally non knitting related items. :slight_smile:

i love selling on etsy ( it’s better than ebay, imho, because people shopping on etsy are there for specialized and/or handmade items. they’re not looking for a garage sale deal like ebay, but are much more willing to pay handmade prices. i sell my handmade knitting bags, handspun yarns, and other things that i make from time to time. everything’s sold out right now though!

I sell on Etsy too and had a great Christmas season! It lets me get my stuff out there for a really reasonable fee, it’s super easy to set up (except the store banner which I needed help with) and it’s an amazing collection of handmade things from all over the world.

I would say that the photographs are EVERYTHING on Etsy. They will make or break you. Mine are just fair but I learn from others on the site. The problem for me is that I want to spend every cent I make on Etsy with other Etsy members!!! My goal in '09 is to get a place in my studio set up so I can take pictures as soon as a piece is done. That way the photos will look consistent and it will be quick.

I say do it, you really don’t have much to loose. It’s super cheap to list stuff. Lurk there for a month and see what others are doing, how they are photographing their stuff, how they describe it and package it. There are some really great businesses there.

Good luck, if you decide to set up shop, convo me!!!

Well, I would not be “selling” handmade stuff…only “very nice” vintage stuff…and here’s why: I give generously to charities(which I love to do) but alot of my “stuff” is very treasured (inherited) and I just want stuff to go to good homes where “someone” out there is looking for nice things/good deals, then in turn I could purchase yarn to keep up my donations…I would like most things to go good homes where “my things” would be comfortable :thumbsup: …make sense???:hug:Along with Crochet and Knitting stuff, I also own Quilting books, vintage material (original Feed Sack Material) etc…See what I mean…

But you’re still selling and the photos have to be great and the marketing needs to be great as well. There’s lots of competition and you desirables need to really stand out! I’m sure you will do fine, just do lots of research, which on Etsy, is super fun!!

I selll on Etsy, too. My Etsy Shop I do love the ease of it and like Silver says, it’s specialized for handmade related stuff. Unlike Ebay, where the prime objective is to sell cheap. Mine’s been a little slow but I’m sure it will be lucrative. Listing is easy, fees are very reasonable, just be sure to consider all details. Good luck!

Your Etsy link goes to some generic Etsy site but I clicked on your other link in your signature and all I have to say is WOOOOOW your lace in incredible!!! I want to be you when I grow up

Thanks and I fixed the link! My Etsy Shop

I sell on etsy……good exposure and many many many customers. At first I didn’t think I would get any because I didn’t know how popular the site was but I guess it is. It will tell you how many people have viewed each item which helps you see how much traffic your getting.