Anyone here made the LB Knitted Waterfall Throw?

I printed out the instructions for it from the Lion Brand website and it was only THEN that I discovered something confusing (to me, anyway). Here’s a link to this pattern:

The part that’s confusing is right at the beginning:

Cast on 58 sts.
Row 1: K1b, P1b K1b, K1, P1b, P1; repeat from * to * (etc…)

My question is HOW can I “Knit 1 in the row below” if it’s the very first row of the pattern???:shrug: There is NO “row below” to knit into. Is there some secret that I’m missing on this?? Some special cast on method I should use to create a row somehow???

Any ideas/help/advice is EXTREMELY welcome!!!


The pattern says that k1b means “knit 1 into back loop”.
Is there a picture somewhere? I’d like to see what it looks like.

K1b can also mean ktbl, and that’s how it’s explained here. This will make twisted ribbing.

I thought that’s what that abbreviation meant, but when I googled “k1b and p1b” it came up with the Knit 1 below or purl 1 below. I was confused because my afghan wasn’t coming out the same as the picture on the LB site.

Here’s some pictures of other knitters from the Ravelry site:

Thanks for your quick response!

Thanks for the link. It’s pretty. Are you using Homespun yarn? I think I might try it in a different yarn.

Mostly people use ktbl/ptbl, so it’s a little unusual; always go by the definition given in the pattern. On the glossary page it’s shown both ways.