Anyone here ever made a felted purse?

An acquaintance said she’d pay me to make her a felted purse but I want to be the guinea pig and make one for myself first!

Any thoughts?


Yep I have done it. I love the bags I make as I can try out new stitches or techniques on them. I have made one freestyle (ok I was just using up leftover yarn), a ktchen sink bag(it was suppose to be a knitting bag but I felted it to oblivion and now it is a purse) and I just finished the damask bag (berroco) and will felt it today. I love them. I think they are pretty quick to do up and if you line them and add pockets they are better than store ones.

A lot of people here have made the Booga Bag. I’ve never made it myself but it is on my list. I’ve heard people say its pretty easy.

Making a Lucy Bag was one of my first knitting projects ever…


Me, too! I just love :inlove: making bags and they are great gifts! Here’s my photo link:

[B][COLOR=teal]I’ve made two…my first was the Lopi Tote, and I think it is the best to start with, as it’s knitted in the round, so there are no seams…and it includes the handle as you go, so again, when you’re done knittin’, you’re done…except for the felting…which is WAY FUN ![/COLOR][/B]

I made one a while ago. It came out of Knit It! Spring/summer magazine. It was the messenger bag. I love it. I went ahead and added a lining and then I put a fabric edge along the flap. I use it all the time. My sister wants one, I’m thinking Christmas present…
I made this and it was fun and turned out beautifully

I have made a few bags, the first followed a pattern, then I got a bit creative
I like them, but I leave a lot of them to get finished later
Go ahead, make one, LOL, they are a bit like potatoe chips


I love felted bags because they’re really sturdy, and you don’t HAVE to line it. Knitting is so stretchy that it doesn’t normally work well as a bag for me (though crochet bags are great) and this is a great way to make a knit bag extremely functional. And people are usually amazed that it’s knit, and will be uber impressed with you :slight_smile:

Here is a bag I made, pictured before the strap was threaded through holes around the top edge. I just have some yarn through it. The pattern was from a recent Berroco booklet.

I was recently told that, technically, we are all talking about FULLED bags. If something is knitted and then subjected to hot water and agitation, it’s “fulling”. If you treat roving or similar without knitting it first, it’s true “felting”.

I have made 3 felted bags so far and i have two on needles at the moment, I will be making at least nine this year for christmas and such, right now i am working on some baby sweaters, but once i am done, i am getting right bag to the bags.