Anyone help!

Hey Guys :
I am back! I am now looking for a KNITTING pattern for a newsboy cap (you know the ones with the brim and the beret like poof on top?) oh never mind, here’s a pic:

And look at that!! That is the one I want to make, but don’t have the book for…anyone have anything similar to share that is a knitting pattern? They seem to be in overabundance in crochet circles.

i googled newsboy cap pattern and this is the first one i came across

Thanks Brendajos, I have seen that one and unfortunately it is crochet, and I want a knit one. I guess I will keep trying.


aww crud…i didn’t even notice since i googled for a knitted one. well i went looking for another and didn’t find a free one buuuuuuuuuut there is a lot of reference to a cabled one in SnB Nation…i looked and yup…there it was on page 66. It is a cabled one and very cute.

Wow! You’re up early! I am just going to have to track down that book I think!! Thanks.

I was up till three this morning trying to get a blasted pattern. Oh well.


lol…don’t think i wasn’t back to sleep within about 30 minutes of that post :lol:

Other than the cabled newsboy cap in Stitch N Bitch. the only other one I could find was:

The photo in the link you posted is closer to the SnB pattern. The knittingvault pattern doesn’t have cables.