Anyone heard of The Linus Project?

Our local news did a spot on the Linus project this morning that provides washable blankets/afghans of all sorts to children 0-18yrs in the hosp with long term illnesses. They have some simple patterns on their website and I’m thinking of clearing out my stash of fabric and yarn making a few blankets for them. Just wondering if anyone here as heard of them.

thank you

When I was still in Indiana, I knit periodically with a Project Linus group. Good group, good cause. I enjoyed it. It was just a bit too long of a drive for me to do regularly.

Yes, It’s written about in Knitting for Peace and they have a Web Site. I have no persponal experience with the group though.

I’d heard about it before and last night I saw something on NBC Nightly News about it. Apparently now they are giving blankets to the children of fallen soldiers. My husband is in the navy and is going to be deployed soon so it made me pretty teary-eyed. I definitely know what one of my next projects is.

I have knit blankets for the Linus Project. I think it’s a great organization! I have a couple here just waiting for me to get organized enough to mail them off! Another big favorite of mine is the Dulaan Project. In fact, whenever I knit something and the size isn’t just what I had wanted, I usually mail it to Dulaan because they take handknit clothing for all sizes…infants through adult, so I know it’ll fit somebody. I love knowing that someone will really appreciate it.

We have one here in Vancouver too … I got in touch with the lady and she sent me directions to their meet in Feb however it’s way too far for me to go … but she did give me the number of a lady in my area who wants to start a Linus group so I plan to call her. A great cause.