Anyone have zipper advice

I am knitting a baby sweater that calls for a zipper. Anyone have advice on how to do this? I would appreciate any advice you have!!! :shrug: Many thanks!!!

here’s some help

momwolf’s links all look very good.

I have mostly put zippers up the back of baby/child sized sweaters. A few things to consider. Often when putting in zippers (especially in cloth things) you are told to put the edges of the item close together to hide the zipper. I find that in knits I like to keep them back at least a little ways so the fibers don’t catch in the zipper so easily.

You will need a separating zipper if you put it in the front, but in the hooded zip back sweaters I have done you don’t need a separtating zipper. Be sure to put it in so that it starts to unzip at the bottom edge.

Watch any patterns or anything that need to be matched on each side. Make sure they are lined up on each side of the zipper.

The last sweater I did, I followed directions for (back zipper), and it had you add a row of single crochet up each side of the back and then I sewed into the centers of the edge of the stitches. I think it looks nice.

I have only done them by hand. Machine sewing could be very nice but I feel like I have more control by hand. You don’t have to sew the zipper in super well, but pay particular attention to the ends. That is where the zipper will have the most stress. I also wonder if sewing by hand produces a softer result? I know that with quilting sewing the bias tape on by hand makes the edge softer. With quilts I have sewn the tape on with the machine on one side and done the final sewing by hand and it makes a difference. If you get too much machine sewing it stiffens.

There are usually directions right on the zipper package that tell how to install. The directions are for cloth projects, but read it, there are some good ideas that will still apply.

I have never basted the sweater closed to put in the zipper, but that might be good if you do want the edges go come together and hide the zipper.

Good luck. It is not as hard as we all make it sound. :slight_smile: