Anyone have this pattern

or the instructions? orange, ruffley scarf thingie

My DS has fallen absolutely in :heart: with it but I can’t find the pattern/instructions for it.

I don’t have it but they’re usually called “Potato Chip” scarves, might try googling or even go to the website for the yarn manufacturer. Mary

Thanks much, Mary. My GF just emailed me and she found the instructions here if anyone else is interested. :woohoo:

Here’s another instructional page that she found: Ruffles.

Lionbrand makes a similar yarn, called Ruffles. Here are their free patterns:

Knit Picks also has a potato chip scarf, which I’ve knitted. Minus the 200 sts you cast on its rally easy to do.

They have a second one too. The only difference looks to be the yarn that they used.

Thank you, KnittinMitchie. My DS has decided that she wants the same type that Yarn Harlot made and my LYS has the ONline Solo. Problem solved. :woohoo: