Anyone have this hat pattern?

My girlfriend LOVES cupcakes, so I want to make her a cupcake hat for Christmas. I was wondering if anyone had the pattern for this hat, or a similar one. If not, I’m pretty sure I can reverse-engineer it.

Here is one for a child’s hat that might help

Here’s another on this page (do a find on cupcake)
and here’s what you get when you Google for it…“cupcake+hat”+%2Bpattern&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

I found the hat when I Googled for patterns. It’s by Neff, but they’re charging $30 and are sold out.

It shouldn’t be too hard I guess: looks like k4p2 or k4p4 for about 20-25 rows, then decrease in white, and add confetti and a cherry pom-pom. But what on Earth are the little balls going around the transition? They don’t look knit, more like cotton or felt or some other material…

Those little balls look knit (stockinette) to me - I think they are bobbles of some sort.

How would one go about creating those then? I only have US7 needles, which I assume are too big, but I do have some bamboo BBQ skewers that are about half that width. Would I start with 1st and just increase to the desired width then decrease?

Size 7 needles would be fine usually if you’re using worsted weight.

The hat looks to me like you just have more ribbing with bobbles at the color change. You can add the “sprinkles” after by hand. Here’s some bobble help.

Found lots on Ravelry search. One or more look like what you’re looking for. I think it must be this one, it too has bobbles at the edge. Bobbles are easy! Or you can choose to go another route, maybe do a picot edge or crochet edge around the top of it (overhanging the ribbing).

I am, indeed, going with a wavy overhanging edge. I think it will give it a more frosting-like transition than the bobbles. I’ve finished the hat and put a cherry on top, but think I may remake it so that it looks fuller. Maybe twice as much red yarn?

I think you got that hat right on! It looks great so far; can’t want to see the finishing touches.

I agree, the ‘cherry’ needs to be tighter/fuller to look more like the original pic.

I think a picot edge is a much better idea then the bobbles - much more icing like.

All this talk of cupcakes is making me hungry for some!

Try this