Anyone have this happen with smaller needles?

This only happens when I use very small needles (size 3 or smaller). For my current WIP I am using size 1 DPNs. I’m not sure how it’s happening, but I have a couple of puncture wounds on the tip my left index finger. I put a bandaid on it for a couple of days and it started to heal. But now that I’ve removed the bandaid (it kept shredding on the yarn), it’s getting worse again.

I did when i first started using pointy needles in general, but it got better over time. Is this the first time with pointy needles/small needles?

No. I first experienced this when I knitted my first pair of socks. Any time I knit a pair of socks, mittens, or delicate lace on small needles. It does not happen on size 4 or larger needles. Only size 3 or smaller.

Try not to push on the needle? I’m almost self-taught, and have seen a lot of knitting tutorials show the knitter pushing on the tip of the needle with fingertips. The few times I’ve tried it this way just makes my finger hurt. Smallest needles I’ve used is 6, but I have a set that is very pointy.
I just don’t do it that way.

It takes practice, but I agree. Try not to push on the tip so hard. I don’t use that small often, but I don’t get sore anymore.

Quilters have a thimble that’s more flexible than the old metal ones. Look in the quilting department at the craft stores.

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I always do it, and then the tip always finds the hole. I super glue the hole.
Pushing with a fingernail or thumb and finger pinching the tip works.

When I first started using sock skewers - I decided they’re really skewers lying in wait for unsuspecting vulnerable fingers - I poked a hole in my finger and I’m not one to push on the tips of the needles much. I also managed to slice my finger tip by raking the pointy tip across it. Ouch! I wore a band aid and made myself concentrate on not shredding it. By the time the band aid wasn’t needed I was able to knit with the tiniest needles I own (US 000) and was no longer a danger to myself or others and wasn’t bleeding on my yarn.

If it makes a difference I knit Continental. It might be more difficult to not make contact with the needle tip with different styles.

That may be what happened. I knit English style/flicking. Since I’m right handed, not in the habit of pushing the needle, and this is on my left finger…it may be slicing my finger while I’m pulling the new stitch through the old one. The knitting is very tight since it’s worsted weight yarn on size 1 needles. The injury was so small I had a hard time seeing if it was a puncture or a cut.

The good news is that I’m done with the knitting portion and have moved to stitching this monster together. All that’s left is to attach the wings.


Saw the claw and wondered what kind of critter sweater that was :grinning:

What a handsome looking mythical beast! Perfect colors, too. Please let us see him with wings?

Is that a dragon? How cool!!! I’d be willing to risk injury for that. Is the pattern online somewhere? Maybe a picture of the finished beastie?

I wonder if the combination of worsted yarn and skinny needles isn’t the real culprit. Working that yarn with those needles is challenging at best. I’m doing socks in Opal X Large yarn on sz 2 needles. It’s classed as worsted.

Yes! I posted a pic of the finished dragon in What’cha Knitting? for this month.

The pattern is free, posted on ravelry. So I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s where you can find the pattern:

It was so much fun I’m going to make another one!

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Here is the finished dragon. It took all of 9 days. The pattern is kind of hard to follow because it uses unusual abbreviations. Once I got past that, it was pretty simple. Plus the creator of the pattern has plenty of videos showing how to do certain parts such as stitching it together.

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My mom used to quilt a lot when she was younger. To protect her finger from the quilting needle, she would put a couple of protective coats of clear nail polish on her finger. This might help with your problem. Also, I just have to say that your cat has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Now I finally understand why they used to call the two toned clear glass marbles “cat’s eyes”.


Yes, it has happened to me, too. I love the very sharp needles, but I decided to stop using them for that reason. There are tiny stick on pads available to protect your fingers. They are sold in fabric stores and anywhere thay sell quilting supplies. They are so small they don’t get in your way.

Thanks. I’ll look for those.