Anyone have this book?

Cables Untangled, An Exploration of Cable Knitting, By Melissa Leapman

I saw this at a yarn store and almost bought it, but it’s $32.00 there and I knew I could by it from Amazon cheaper (don’t hate me, I’m poor :teehee: ).

Anyway, does anyone have this book? It has so many amazingly beautiful patterns, yet it’s frustrating to see that in order to do any of them I have to learn how to read a chart!!! NO FAIR! I hate chart reading, it seems too complicated for me, I’m fairly new at this knitting business.

But I got it at the library so I’m completely psyched to do the blanket on the cover, but sheesh, that’ll take me all year to finish.

I don’t have the book, but did get it from the library. I probably won’t buy it though. It does have some neat cables, but I prefer reversible cable patterns.

I want to make this one! :inlove:

My friend got it for Christmas and I looked at it the other day when I was over there. It’s a bigger sized book and it’s really gorgeous!!! Great pictures and I loved most of the patterns.

OOooooo that is pretty!

Search for “Bayerische”, better yet, heres the link and look at that sock. Those are cables I will aspire to do one day!

I have a copy I got at the library and I still haven’t decided if I want it enough to buy it yet. There are some lovely patterns in it but I’m not really drooling over them.

I have it for a few more days and if I change my mind, Ill let you know :teehee: