Anyone have the "Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles"

Does anyone have the book, “Socks soar on two circular needles?”

Link here:

I have gotten all the way down to turning the heel and gusset and have had to frog it twice! I get messed up in the transition to get 40 stitches on each needle. The instructions are a bit confusing in that section for sure. I finally did manage to get the stitches arranged in the way they wanted but it wasa huge pain in the butt and involved alot of stitch holders and adjusting. I really liked doing the sock on the two circulars up to that point but I need to figure out the right way to do it. Can anyone who knows/understands help me out?

I was doing the basic sock pattern from the book.


How many stitches did you have on each needle before the heel flap started? I have the book at home and can look up your specific pattern when I get home tonight. I think some of Cat Bordhi’s socks are worked in profile as opposed to having the top of the foot on one needle and the heel on the other, and that may be adding to your confusion. Please post the pattern and page, and I’ll look it up when I get home :slight_smile: I just cast on a new pair of socks from that book!

here’s a pic of my Work in progress:

the pattern is from page 8, that whole “picking up the gusset stitches” section