Anyone have the Intricate Stag Bag?


I’ve been trying to get the intricate stag bag pattern that used to
be available on the Knitting Daily website. Ravelry says it is available
in Knitscene Fall 2007 however people who have that mag say that
there is only a reference to the website to go download it.

Does anyone have this pattern and would you be willing to do a
.pdf swap? I have a couple of paid .pdfs that I’m either done with
or just won’t use so I’d be happy to swap for this pattern as
it’s not available anywhere at the moment. Just pm me!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Sent you a pm.

Could you send me a copy of the intricate stag bag, I have been looking since last august, and called interweave press, to no avail I would greatly appreciate it thanks