Anyone have one of those mini sweater like cardigan pattern

Hi all, I was wondering do anyone have patterns for those mini sweaters/wrap like things. I really don’t know what the official name of the garment is. :shrug:

how mini is mini,

I made my own pattern which I can try to fish out for you which is a cardigan which measures about 8 cms wide x 5 cms high - approximately.

I will have a rustle if you are interested and see if I can find it.

You mean like a shrug? There’s tons of patterns for them. Or search for Anthropologie Inspired Capelet or Glampyre’s Mini-sweater, aka Boobholder.


Yes I guess they are shrugs, Just something that I can learn to knit a sweater to keep me warm once the warmer weather comes and the A/C in the office starts blowing out the cold air.
This has tons of patterns that you will probably like. I personally like the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet and m thinking of making it soon.