Anyone have experience with bamboo interchangeables?

I am trying to decide between the Sisters Bamboo set (which my LYS carries), and the WEBS bamboo set. The webs goes up to 10 1/2, and the sisters only 10…but I really like the sisters compact case.

Does anyone own either of them? Do you love them?

If you get the WEBS, let me know what you think of them. It’s tempting, but pricey for $80. Maybe it might make a good graduation present idea. :smiley:

Please let me nkow wha tyou decide to go with. I really prefer bamboo over resin (Denise) but i’ve never seen a reliable review for them.

Do you have a specific question about the Web’s ones? I live by their store, and go there all the time. I’ve never used those needles, but I’ve seen them, and can inspect them more closely the next time I’m there.

It looks like they only have 7 needle sizes in that Webs set. Does the other set have more sizes? If so, I would go with total-number-of-needle-sizes, over range-of-needle-sizes.

I just bought a new set of Boye Interchangeables. I had an old set from the 60’s that had 9 sizes. The new set has 13 sizes! Going all the way down to size 2 needles! It also has thinner cables, which looked good for magic loop knitting. The cables are a bit stiff for ML knitting, though, rather to my disappointment. Not that I really do much ML, I prefer my DPN’s, but I thought it would be cool to have a set that worked for it. No biggie. I LOVE the compact carrying case, and having so many needle sizes!


I’m curious as to the quality and slickness of the needles. I don’t really like metal needles, and want wood or bamboo, but I want a large selecting as well. 8)

i’m also curious about how the cords are attached. DO they screw in and will they stay screwed in?

I’m wondering the same thing. I really prefer Bamboo over aluminum or plastic and these are the only non-aluminum or plastic interchangeables I’ve seen.

I’ll let you know if I find out anything about them elsewhere.

Ahh…did a little searching and found this forum in which WEBS and Sisters are discussed:

Also, has a bit of a review of them, as well:

I’m leaning towards the Sisters’ set, myself.

Thanks so much. :slight_smile: I read the knittersreview stuff…but the yarn stuff is new.

I am leaning towards the sisters (though it will be a bit before I get them), simply because I have seen them and knit with them at my LYS. I had heard that WEBS were much the same…but I kind of like sisters compactness. (plus I would have to sew a new case for the needles if I got the webs set, cause I really hate the quilted knitting accesories. :lol: ) They are also nice and slick. I wish Addi’s had an interchangeable set. :cry: (of course, it would cost 2,000.00…so I wouldn’t be able to have it anyhow. :lol: )

I’m with you!

LOL! :lol: