Anyone have any ideas how to finish this?

I am close to completing an afghan for my son. The stitch is not exactly stockinette, but k1, sl 1, and purl the back row. It is still curling to the back. Here’s the kicker. In order to make more of a finished edge, I added a stich to the first and last of the afghan, and did the slip front row, and purl on the back to make a chain appearance on the edges. Since it is still curling, can I crochet an edge, and flatten it out some? And, if I did, since the knit, slip takes up two rows, should I crochet two stitches in each “chain”? I figured if I crocheted one stitch in each “chain” the afghan would probably bunch up on the sides. Or, maybe I could span it out some by doing a sc and ch 1. Any ideas?

I love the look of K1, Slip 1 for the RS…and P across the WS!
And I also love the look of the edge you selected…by slip first st of each row…creating the nice chain edge!

However, I just hate the look of crocheted edges as an afterthought. It always looks like an afterthought.
I have tried it myself, and pulled it out! Aaargh!

Does it really matter that the afghan rolls or curls a little? Or, even a lot? I mean, when it is laid out on the bed, or sofa, what does it matter? Gravity will straighten it out looks-wise when the afghan is placed on the back of the sofa or on the end of the bed.

Curling on a scarf would matter, but an afghan?

I would leave it AS IS personally. I bet it is gorgeous!
PS: I have never seen crocheted edges that could tame the curl anyway.

I hope this helps you a little. I understand how you feel. :pout:

If the yarn is a natural fiber you could block it and the curling should go away a little bit.

You could either knit or crochet on a border to help with the blocking. To see if you like the look of that you could knit a small swatch in the pattern and then put on a border - that way you haven’t done all the work on the large afghan only to decide that you don’t like it.

In the picture, they have a sc edge, and I really don’t like the look of it. He is leaving for the Middle East, soon, and I would like for him to get some use out of it before he leaves. I may just leave it as is. It’s knit out of chunky acrylic yarn, and like you said, gravity may just do it’s thing.Thanks for the help.