Anyone have an idea on how to do a top-down hat backwards?

I’ve fallen in love with this pattern from Marnie McLean and want to use the nautilus shape on a hat I’m working on. Problem is, I’ve started the hat already, and I had my heart set on putting an argyle band on it, just above the ribbing.

The question, then: Is there any simple way I can read the pattern so I can work the hat backwards (i.e. bottom to top), or do I have to rip out what I have and work on it the way it’s written (i.e. top to bottom) and then throw in the argyle band when I think it’s at the point it should be?


You might want to take a look at this pattern. It’s not exactly the same as Marnie’s since it’s a tam and the eyelets are more closely spaced, but it may help you figure out what you need to do since it starts at the bottom, and has spiralling eyelets that go toward the crown.

Okay, that gives me a pretty good idea of what to do; yarn over for the holes and the stitches in-between make the size of the curves.

So for each curve, when I don’t want to decrease, I’d YO, k2tog, and then add a stitch before the next YO, if I wanted it to slant right. And when I want to decrease, I’d use the right-slanting YO-decrease as in the videos on this site, right? And the opposite for a left-slanting hat.