Anyone have a yarn suggestion?

I have a design in my head of a shirt that I’d like to try to make, but I’m not sure what yarn to use. So far I’ve only worked with wool, but this pattern is more of a summer top, so I’m thinking something other than wool, and wondering what yarn would work well. Preferably a DK or worsted weight, and it would need to have some give to it, and a nice drape. It also needs to show stitch definition well, and be okay to be frogged repeatedly (so no halo). Relatively cheap would also be a bonus. I was thinking about Knitpicks Cotton/Linen blend, but I’m not sure how much give that has to it.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?


I’ve used the All Hemp 6 yarn to crochet a summer top for my DDIL, a few years ago. She really likes it, and it’s easy care. It did not split on me.

I’ve heard people say nice things about colrain which is a tencel blend from webs ( it is 3.99 a skein. also a linen blend would be good – there is a review of linen blends in the spring 2008 IK which just came out. Linen is supposed to get better and better with washing and is easy care so very good for a summer top.

I’ve been wanting to try a linen garment, thanks for the suggestion.

I think the Cotlin might be a good choice, or a bamboo yarn. I haven’t worked with either yet but I have both in my stash. And they both feel yummy and would be perfect for a summer top.

Good luck!