Anyone has this book? Knitting from the top

Amazon has thisbook, I want to know if anyone has it and what you think about it. Knit sweater from top to bottom is something I’ve never thought of, but it’s worth a challenge.

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I don’t have this book… but I love sweaters knitted from the top down lol no seaming :cheering: its how I do all my children’s sweaters… I bought a pattern from the LYS and I change it to fit the sweater I want to do… I would see if your library has it first or if they can locate one for you… then decide if you would like to buy it or not… but really top down sweaters are the best :thumbsup:

I am borrowing it from the library right now and it’s great. I’m doing the seamless “set-in sleeve” pullover. She writes mostly in prose (like EZ) which I sometimes find hard to follow, but I’m getting through it okay so far. (Of course I have frogged more times than I can count but that’s pretty much because I’m a perfectionist more than anything else.)

If you can borrow it from the library first, I’d recommend doing that. Out of all the knitting books I’ve borrowed so far (well over a dozen at this point), this is one of the few that I will probably buy. Last time I checked, the knitpicks price was $2 less than amazon, so if you happen to be ordering something else and can get free shipping, it might end up being cheaper. (Of course, you’d have to order something else to get free shipping from amazon too, but you wouldn’t have to spend as much.)

I just saw this at Barnes & Noble the other day & was this close to buying it. It’s cheaper on Amazon, though, so I might have to order it. :slight_smile:

Check as well, a lot of times you can find good deals there :thumbsup: