Anyone got any ideas?

I want to make the Burridge Lake Aran Afghan. It take about 3800 yards. I don’t have much money (wedding coming up and I’m trying to save) and I was wondering what yarn everyone thinks would be good and cost effective. I was thinking Caron Simply soft, since there is no dyelot, and I could buy it over time. Or wool-ease, or Fisherman’s wool but I kind of want it machine washable.

I HATE redheart…anyone have any other good ideas?

Simply soft would be fine, or even the huge caron skeins, it’s softer than RH super saver, with a lot more yardage than the simply soft.

good idea suzeeq!

I just bought Lion Brand Pound of Love. Believe it or not, it is 16 ozs. :cool: It has 1,020 yards and was less than $6. With a coupon it would be very affordable. Got it at Michael’s.

Oh, almost forgot. It is soft.

Ohhhh, excellent idea. Is pound of love worsted weight?

yes pound of love is ww


Because I prefer the feel of natural fibers over acrylic, I’d probably go with cotton. You can get 1 lb cones of cotton from Joann’s, but it is more expensive than acrylic.

Alternately, I’d go with a superwash wool. Knitpicks Bare Superwash in Worsted is fairly cheap, although nowhere near as cheap as acrylic or even cotton. But it does give you the option of knitting up the afghan and if you decide along the way you want a different color, you can dye each panel before you join them, or even dye the entire afghan once it’s done.

I also bought wool (not superwash) off ebay for my afghan. I got 60 brand new skeins for about $100. I can make an afghan with half of them and either sell the rest or find another use for them.

It’s a beautiful pattern. For you and FDH?

KnitPicks Bare Superwash is very soft and you could buy it "as you go. If I were going to put that much work into a project I would use the VERY BEST yarn I could afford.


pound of love is ww and it is sooo soft! i got it in a beautiful pastel blue…im going to use it to make sox or a sweater…

I just got some Lion Brand Micro soft and wow is it soft and fab colours x

I have no advice, but I had to say that the afghan is absolutely beautiful!

Caron also has “One Pound” which is acrylic, 826 yards per skein, worsted weight and each skein runs around $6.99. Joann’s had it on sale for $5 last week… Mary

I know everyone says you have to use wool with cables for them to look best, but I’ve got a hibernating cardigan that has a Saxon Braid up the back. It’s in Caron Simply Soft and seriously, the cable looks great! And SS is soooo soft, that would definitely be a do-able choice. It’s a little loosely spun, so for a blanket I bet Caron Pound-o-whatevertheycallit might even be better. It’s much softer than RH and will soften up more with washing I’m sure.

I loooove that afghan, it’s in my queue!

You can use any yarn for cables, except maybe cotton, though that might be do-able too.

That is a BEAUTIFUL pattern, the resulting afghan will be a real work of art, a FAMILY HEIRLOOM. I would seriously consider sticking with a good quality wool, even if you have to save a bit for it (knitpicks has some great prices). Once you put the time effort (blood sweat and tears) into a piece as beautiful as that don’t you want it to last FOREVER!!!