Anyone from Wheeling WV?

I’m in Ohio but across the river from Wheeling. Anyone near by? I’d love to get to know other close by knitters!!

I’m more or less across from Moundsville, if that helps.

I’m looking to get to know other knitters… would you be interested? I don’t know anyone “in real life” that knits.

One of my “standard” suggestions is to take an in-person knitting class at a yarn shop, preferably one locally owned and operated. But I just performed an Internet search for “yarn shop Wheeling WV,” and didn’t have much luck.

Hobby shops, yes; yarn shops, not so much… A couple of shops said in the search that they carry yarn, but when I went to their own websites and searched for the key word “yarn,” there were zero (0) returns. The usual advice–“make sure you have spelled the term correctly” and “use more general terms rather than specific terms”–was offered. I’m not sure how to get more general than “yarn”; maybe “sheep”? And, yes, I’m pretty sure I spelled “yarn” correctly. :lol:

There’s a Joann’s in St. Clairsville, OH; not sure what kind of drive that is from your house, and also not sure whether a knitting class at Joann’s would be what you’re looking for.

An additional avenue for finding people is local churches and the public library. These are venues where groups of knitters (and quilters, and there is often overlap between the two groups–ask me how I know…) will get together and make items to help out with community needs: afghans, hats, scarves, whatever has come to their attention. Often, the knitters/quilters don’t belong to or don’t have to belong to the church where the group meets. I know that I don’t, and both groups are quite happy to accept my volunteer work. :slight_smile:

So call around to a few churches and the library (on both sides of the river) and see if they have “community service knitting groups/circles” or charity groups, and see what happens. Quakers (The Society of Friends) usually are aware of community-service groups if you don’t get anywhere with mainstream churches. :slight_smile:

The people in these groups span the gamut of knitting skills: some are very experienced, some are new, and some have done the same garter-stitch scarf a hundred times without ever learning purl stitch. But they’re right there, in person! It’s somewhere to start.

Best wishes.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check around and see what I can find. We have a craft store called Crafts 2000 also in St. Clarksville, I plan to check there also. I’m actually about 40 minutes from Wheeling, about 30 from St. C, way out in the country. Our little town has a bar and a post office, and the coroner’s office, of all things, and that’s IT. So the drive is not a big deal, I’d like like to spend time with other knitters. I struggle with agoraphobia, so finding things to get me out of the house is a must for me.

That’s for taking the time to look for yarn stores:)

I know this post is from last year, but I came across it while doing a google search for local knitting groups. I’m in Moundsville. If you’re still in the area and would like to get together, let me know. I don’t know any other knitters IRL, I’d love to meet up and maybe start a knitting group.

I wanted to add that you can also find me on Ravelry. I’m there just about every day. My user name is Stranded-Knitter.

Hi! I am getting back to knitting after a many-year break and would also like to connect with other knitters. Once saw a group of women knitting and eating at Panera in the Highlands. WishI had talked to them, but at that time I really didn’t expect to be knitting again.

There used to be a few people who met at the Shadyside (the one in Ohio) library, but I don’t know if they’re still around. I didn’t have a car for a few years and wasn’t up there much.

Now if we could just talk Crafts 2000/Pat Catan’s into a store in Moundsville…:slight_smile:

Hello guys!
I am a member of a knitting group that meets at The Warsaw Pub in Glen Dale West Virginia.
We meet every Wednesday at 6 pm.

Hope this helps!

Is the Warsaw the one down by the old Marx plant? I’ll have to check that out sometime (maybe not this week, but soon.)

It’s down by Warren Distributing, just up the street from the pool.