Anyone from the upper part of South Carolina?

Hi! Just curious to know if there is anyone from upstate SC?

Hi Upstate, SC I am in Greenwood, SC

And I’m in Troy, SC!!! Just moved here from McCormick and I was raised in Greenwood, graduated from GHS in 1974! Lived in Greenwood for over 43 years. Small world!

Where in the upstate? Mary

Hello everyone! I’m from Greenville! :waving:

My mom lives in Spartanburg & my dad is in Greenville…
I’m a Furman grad…GO Paladins!
Karen G
in GA now

And that’s not very far from my daughter in Laurens. I just LOVE to shop in Greenville! Is there a Yarn shop besides the chains?

:cheering: :cheering: Where in GA? We live in Troy but have a boat business near Lake Thurmond (Clarks Hill Lake).

Yes there is cute little shop in Greenville that I have been in a few times it is called the Needletree, here is the website:
Yes I love to shop in Greenville also.

I’ll have to hogtie my daughter and make her take me… she doesn’t knit and whenever we shop and I want to go to a yarnstore, she rolls her eyes and says, “Oh, Mama, is that all you do?” LOL! YES, and why haven’t you picked up the needles??? I’m afraid the knitting/sewing/needlearts genes didn’t get into her blood. Maybe my granddaughter has them… loves to piddle and pet the yarn and click the circulars. Crossed Fingers

Well its the opposite with me. I’ve always loved to cross stitch and now knit. When me and mother go shopping I always make her go to like Hobby Lobby or AC Moores…she will look soooo bored!! Maybe she will let me teach her one day!

Or, she and I can just swap daughters!

:teehee: Thats funny!


Hello SC! I live in Rock Hill. I am a self-taught knitter and would love to know if anyone is nearby?

Welcome to the SC group…we’re not too talkative but glad you’ve joined us! I’m in Troy (Greenwood County). :hug: Mary

Hey, y’all!

My four daughters and I live in Clemson with my wonderful husband and our two dogs. (The dogs are boys, so my husband gets grouped with them.)

The Needle Tree is a great place to play with yarns and find all those yarns that get me into so much trouble. KD and her mom are growing a wonderful community of knitters in the Augusta Road area.

There is a new yarn shop on Main Street in Anderson. I want to say it is “Keep You in Stitches,” but I have been trying so hard to be good and not add more to my stash that I haven’t gone in yet.

I am terrifically blessed to have a neighbor who is a chronic sock knitter and two daughters who have the knitting bug. We are working on caps for babies in Africa as a family to burn through my odds and ends in the stash.

Happy Easter, Upstate!:muah: