Anyone from Suwanee, GA

I just started knitting again and was wondering if there is anyone from North Georgia that I could keep in touch with especially if I have a problem with a pattern

Hey! I’m in Bethlehem near the Barrow/Walton County line. My knitting group has some advanced knitters if you need them!

Hey I’m from suwannee/ lawrenceville GA too!! that’s crazy!! i’m a pretty new knitter though and probably wouldn’t be able to help much but if you ever do hav a question i can try!:rofl:

I’m in Johns Creek, literally on the border of Suwanee. I don’t know if I would be much help though, as I really am a rather intermediate knitter.

omg- i love your picture :inlove:

Hello! I live in Suwanee, too, but I don’t knit, sorry! I crochet! If you decide to try crocheting and need help, let me know. :cool: