Anyone from Seattle?

My mom and I will be spending a couple of days in Seattle before we leave on a cruise in June.

Anyone have any good reccomendations - places to stay, things to do, places to eat, good yarn stores???

My brother will be meeting up with us too the day before we leave for the cruise with my 10 year old neice and 6 year old nephew and then we are all going on the cruise to Alaska!

I live in the Greater Seattle area. (Kent) But I have lived in Seattle all my life! I have taken the Alaska cruise twice! Are you cruising with Princess? We cruised the Inside Passage both times. Once in 2004, then again in 2006. There is never enough time to see all the sights in the ports-of-call! Our 2004 cruise was in connection with a Knitters Cruise, as well!

Have you booked your shore excusions yet?? If you are cruising Princess, you can pre-book your shore excursions online. If you wait til you get onboard, you will miss out on the most popular excursions…and you will wait in long lines… only to find out you are too late. If you decide to wait in line, have 4 choices per port-of-call. Of course, you can always just walk off the ship and mosey around the towns, too!

I can recommend some excursions that we took if you are interested!

Some great things to do in the downtown Seattle area:

  1. The Pike Street Market (right on the waterfront)
  2. Post Alley (across from the market)
  3. The Original Starbucks (across from the market)
  4. The Space Needle (a stellar view of Seattle and the mountains!)
  5. The Seattle Aquarium
  6. The Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry (a few blocks from the ferry terminal on the Bainbridge side is a wonderful yarn shop called the CHURCHMOUSE!)
  7. North of downtown Seattle, in the Greenwood area, is the Woodland Park Zoo! It is state-of-the-art. Total enjoyment.

Your cruise will leave from a terminal just a little south of the downtown Seattle area.

Do you not have your hotel booked yet? Why not call your cruise lines and ask about good hotels close to the Terminal? They might have recommendations…just like they have recommended shore excursions for the Alaska ports-of-call.

You are in for the CRUISE OF A LIFETIME!

The views in Tracy Arm Fjord are breath-taking!

The whale watching in Juneau is FABULOUS! The Salmon Bake is delicious! The Mendenhall Glacier is awesome to see!

The train trip out of Skagway is WONDERFUL! The town of Skagway is incredibly quaint, and interesting!

Ketchikan is a very quaint town! A fishing town. Some great float planes leave out of their bay and take you to remote lakes for a Crab Feast!

Seattle Piers, as seen from our Ship! Bye for Now, Seattle!

Leaving Seattle, as seen from our ship!

On a Whale Watching excursion in Juneau area!

Coming into Juneau

Passing our Sister Ship in the Fjord!

A view in Tracy Arm Fjord

Leaving Tracy Arm

Sunset on Tracy Arm outlet

A slight hijack here. I will be in the Seattle area next month. Does anyone know any yarn stores easy accessible to Redmond area?

HERE IS A LINKto a list of shops easily accessible from or near Redmond.
PS: Acorn Street, Tricoter, and Weaving Works are the BEST!

I looked in Ravelry, and only found knitters groups in the eastside, which is where Redmond is.

ArtLady - those pictures are GEORGEOUS! :inlove::inlove: Now I need to talk DH into taking that cruise!

Thanks JJ! Those are only 6 out of probably 900 photos that I took!
Everywhere you look is EYE CANDY! I just clicked my way through Alaska! I’m a bit of a shutterbug…but, when you know you won’t pass through here again…you just want to capture the moment.

On our 2nd Alaska cruise, we got a room with an outside balcony.
It was well worth it, especially for the Inside Passage. There is so much to see. Sometimes we didn’t leave our room til 2 pm! We ordered room service (free on cruises) and sat around on the balcony with our mouths agape at the beauty!

IMHO, it is best to cruise Alaska in May, as soon as the Passage opens up for ships. You see so many icebergs, snow, etc! And lots of sunshine, too! Crisp and cold.

Oh, don’t get me started! :eyes:

We lived in Seattle and environs for sixteen years, and I agree with everything ArtLady suggested to you. I want to move back, but DH won’t hear of it when our DGD is so young. Don’t miss the Pike Street Market.

The Alaskan tour sounds good, too, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Oh oh, Weaving Works. You may as well check out the University Village as well.

I visited Weaving Works once…kinda like a Field Trip! It is located about 30-45 minutes from my house. It was IMPRESSIVE! So much yarn! So many brands and colors! They keep just a few skeins of each yarn on the shelf and the remaining stock upstairs, thereby allowing more yarns to be displayed on the main floor! They even had Malabrigo! I have never seen Malabrigo offered in a LYS before!
Oh, and they have tons of patterns and books and accessories and buttons and tables and chairs and stuff for your kids to play with!

Thanks so much Artlady. I appreciate all the information about Seattle.
I have already started to research the shore excursions we want to take. I just booked a private one in Skagway (7 hour trip first by train up the [FONT=Arial]Skagway/White Pass Summit/Fraser - 1 3/4 hours on train to Fraser, Fraser to Carcross & Emerald Lake and return to Skagway by bus including lunch and a visit to a puppy camp that I know my neice will love). I am still trying to figure out what do to in the other ports. My brother owns one of the largest cruise travel agencies in the southeast and has been on this cruise a bunch of times, but this is my first time to Alaska, but I have been on tons of cruises (it helps when you know someone in the business!!!). [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]By the way, there is a GREAT website for cuises (kind of like the KH for cruises) called - there is so much information there including information on private companies that people have used rather than doing ship sponsored tours. Usually they are less expensive and more personal, so we tend to do those, hire drivers for the day, rent a car and head off on our own or use public transportation to get around and “live like the locals”. It takes a lot of planning but that is what makes the trip so much fun. On cruisecritic they have a section called roll call that you can find other people that will be on your ship - in the past we met some really lovely people and we were able to share the costs of private tours that were amazing.[/FONT]
Yes we are taking Princess - we usually cruise Princess or Holland America - we tried some of the others but we find that Princess or HAL suits us best. We have a mini suite - since there will be 3 of us in the room - me, my mom and my neice and I am really looking forward to sitting out on the balcony watching the beautiful views.

Your pics are amazing - thanks so much for sharing them…

Thanks for the information on Tricoter - I am looking forward to going there - I have a book that they put out and I bet it is a great LYS.
Thanks again!!!

Hi again!

The 7-hrs train trip is the one we took! They take you UP TO Carcross in a Motor Coach (aka Fancy Bus)…with stops along the way which includes the lunch, and then you hop onto the train at Fraser and RIDE BACK down the mountain on the little clackety-clack train! It is so quaint! I stood out on the platform outside the car, by the tongue, and got spectacular photos! The train moves at about 10 miles per hour! It is fun!

Carcross is a wonderful little town! We also stopped at the Carcross Desert! Yes, a desert!

In Ketchikan, we booked a Beaver float plane for the Crab Feast.
The plane takes you to a quaint old house on a lake, and the owner of the little restaurant treats you to a delicious crab lunch, which includes many other wonderful Alaskan treats. Good beer, too! The flight plane will also tour over the many sights surrounding Ketchikan.

In Juneau, I can recommend the “Best of Juneau” excursion. It includes a trip to the Mendenhall Glacier; an Alaskan BBQ in a beautifully wooded area; and a Whale Watching Trip. All 3 were memorable, and well worth the price of the excursion!

While your ship is inside the Tracy Arm Fjord, best to stay in your room on the balcony! Remember, what you don’t see on your side of the ship…you WILL SEE on the way out of the Fjord. On deck, you will fight for space by the railings. You might not get good photos. Nothin’ but crowds! The “narrative of the sights” will be broadcast in your room, too. My husband and I spent the entire day in our room, on the balcony, and ordered Room Service!

Have a great time! I wish I was going with you!!!

Artlady summed up Seattle. It’s a beautiful city and get’s a bad rap for rain.:wink: Enjoy Seattle and your cruise!

A question for Artlady: do you know if any yarn stores in the Kent/Auburn area? I’m close to Puyallup, but grew up in Auburn.

Oh my YES! In downtown Kent…on E. Meeker Street: Renaissance Yarn Shop! They open 7 days a week, with a great sitting area for pattern shopping, knitting, etc!

Renaissance Yarns

You will find the owners and staff knowledgeable and friendly…as well as LOTS OF YARN!

Sorry to be so late on this, but THANK YOU!:muah: I will check it out!!!:cheering: