Anyone from Minneapolis, Minnesota?

It would be fun and nice to know who knits in the vecinity. And maybe we can create a meetup group together and help each other!

Whatcha think? :muah:

I live right in mpls! you can pm me if you want and we can share lys and stuff if you want!
-susan aka mulderknitter

I’m around the corner in Golden Valley on the Mpls, Robbinsdale border!

I was just at Depth of Field and Michael’s on Sunday buying yarn.

I’d love to meet other knitters in the area. Maybe we could take LYS fieldtrips or meet at Caribu or something. Whatcha think?


Which LYS’s or craft stores have you visited?

Walmart in NE MPLS had an off brand, No Boundaries yarn on clearance for $1-$2 that I knit into several scarves and a wrap.

Michael’s in Robbinsdale carries tons of Paton’s SWS soy/wool, Merino Wool, and the new Lion Wool (100% wool). I’ve been pleased with their selection.

Depth of Field has a clearance loft where you can purchase discontinued or slow selling yarns beginning at 25% off. I purchased 5 balls of Di.Ve’ Butterfly (distributed by Cascade) for $17.50, and a skein of self striping mohair for $5, plus some Lamb’s Pride. Depth of Field also carries most brands of yarns,except Noro–go figure. I’m saving for some bulky baby Alpaca–ohhh, that is sooo soft. Depth of field also will hold up to 5 balls of yarn for you.

Craft Planet in NE MPLS off Lowry AV has a decent selection of yarn in every price range. I fell in love with their fabrics, too. If you’re knitting a felted bag, you have to check out Craft Planet’s fabric for lining your bags.

Next on my list: Clickity Sticks, Needlework Unlimited, and Creative Fibers.

compulsive! I live right on the robbinsdale border in north mpls, about 8 blocks from north memorial hospital! I also work literally around the corner from byerly’s/caribou in golden valley!
I pretty much live for Crafty Planet! that’s where I picked up the weekend knitter book. Her prices can be high for me, but she has a good selection and is always willing to help you with anything. I went to the Michael’s in Robbinsdale a few weeks back when they had a sale and picked up a bunch of wool for some scarves. I am always dissapointed with the selection at the hancock fabrics next to it though, and their prices on everything is way too high for me. I haven’t found any other good places yet, but my stash is so big I need to stay away from stores for a while anyway :oops:

I’ll be moving to Rosemount at the beginning of December and would LOVE to meet up with other knitters! How fun!

I mentioned before that I used to live in Minneapolis and St. Paul…I always liked the yarn shop in St. Paul on Grand and Victoria (right behind Cafe Latte).

I will probably go down to Minneapolis at some point between mid-January and mid-February, I’d totally drop in for the meeting. :teehee:

If anyone is planning on a mpls-ish get together please pm me. I am busy with grad school and such but would try to find the time if you were all going to??? :shrug:

I would love to have a meet up!!! Let’s do it!

Because I’m new, people should tell me where would be the best meeting point so it would be fairly equal to everyone. What do you say???

What day of the week and time?
let’s make this work!!!

WOO-HOO!!! :muah: :happydance: