Anyone from Lancaster County, PA?

We’re trying to get a S’n’B group going here in Lancaster County… I haven’t had any responses at all from the Knitty board, but I know y’all are a lot of fun here… if you’re interested click here.

Ah I wish I was still there some times. I live in florida, have for the last 6 years but I was born and raised in Lancaster County Pa. It is a very unique place as compared to other towns in the USA. My mom , sister and one of my brothers still live there but none of them knits.

I only visited here a few times before we moved North (from FL, coincidentally!) but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else - and we’ve only been here for 6 months!
:verysad: That’s too bad no one in your family knits… it would have been nice if you could send them to us… but when you come and visit, make sure to look us up!