Anyone from Eau Claire, WI?

Hi - Anyone from Eau Claire, WI. Cindy

I KNOW we have WI knitters out there!!!

I’m in Verona, which is just outside of Madison. What is that, like 2 hours from Eau Claire??

I’m in the Fox Cities area, which is on the other side of the state from you. There’s a thread further back in the board with a few knitters from Milwaukee.

Annomalley, where in the Fox Cities are you from? I am originally from Oshkosh and travel there quite a lot.

I live in Neenah. :slight_smile:

Wildforyarn, I know this is an old thread, but I got found it.

I live near Waupaca WI. And I am a beginner knitter, three weeks into it. Finished my first tote bag. Yippe.
Now I am making a striped purse. I find this craft interesting and I hope I can make a sweater someday. but I want to go slow so I don’t get disappointed.

It is cloudy here, not sunny like yesterday. Have a great day.


Have you been to the Troll’s Cove in Waupaca? I went there about two summers ago. I spend a weekend in Waupaca at a friend’s cottage almost every summer, sometimes more than that. It is nice there!

How long have you lived there?

Yes, I have been to the Cove, that is where I am taking my knitting lessons, been knitting three weeks and I just finished my first felted tote. I love it. (but felting sure takes long)
I live between the Cove and Waupaca. It is a great store, I have already fell in love with yarn.
My other hobby is quilting.
I am now going to make a purse and then hopefully move to a sweater that is knit from the neck down and I want to make socks. Sandy is a good teacher.
Thank you for messaging me back. To bad we are not closer, we could have a knit day.
Have a great Friday.