Anyone experienced in Entrelac?

I’m trying a pattern that is in Knit 'n Style. It’s for a sleeveless top using an entrelac pattern. I finished my first set of triangles and 1 rectangle :).

Has anyone done much with this knitting style? Any words of wisdom?



I did not know what this is when I read the post, however, while waiting to see a movie this afternoon, we went into Barnes & Nobles. While there, I browsed thru the knitting magazines and saw one called Knitnstyle, and they had a big article on just this topic, plus a pattern for a sweater! You might go look at that if you get a chance.


I’m sorry, I am a dork! I was suffering from such a bad migraine when I originally read this that I failed to see that was the magazine you had!!! I will just go crawl under a rock now…

I’ve done a lot of entralac and will try to help you if you have any problems. The attached is one of my own designs.

Soxy your work is amazingly beautiful!

My philosophy - since I don’t have much time or patience, if I’m going to knit a garment, it’s going to be visible. So I make sweaters mostly. There is a pattern in Knit n Style for an entrelac shell, which is more or less 2 squares of entrelac sewn together. I’d like to learn how to shape garmets more with entrelac (e.g., armholes, sleeves). I saw some sweater examples at my LYS and they are breathtaking!


That is one beautiful sock! I’m with Carie though, it seems a shame to take something that fantastic and stick it in a shoe! Maybe you can translate your talent to sweaters so the world can actually see what you can do! :cheering:

I saw on some other knitting site in the sock area about these clear clogs and boots. At first I thought what the heck is that doing in the sock area. But then it hit - your beautiful homemade socks will show through! Apparently from what I read, they’re comfortable enough!

Pam :happydance: I see you are almost a neighbor of mine…with in 100 miles. :lol:

Carie, Ingrid, and Jouf :notworthy: for comments about my :XX:

I only wear Birkies. :smiley: so my socks are visiable. I have been knitting for so very long that I have a lot of sweaters so switched to socks when the new self patterning yarns came out. Now I also use solid colors and put lace, cable or relife st work in them.

[I am working on a couple of new sweaters for me but it has been a while since I did. No one else in my family wants any more sweaters, either, and now my youngest said she didn’t need any more socks.]

It is the rare bird that has the nerve to go out with sandals and socks! :wink:

:roflhard: That is me for sure…

However if you were in this part of the world you would see that over 50% of the people wear Birkies year round [seldom have snow] and wear socks in them during the cooler months.

:smiley: That’s right! Where else can you see someone on the beach in a bikini, socks and boots???


Pat don’t forget our bumpershoot!!!

Those are so cool! Opal is my favorite sock yarn and I really like that color. Maybe I’ll see that one when I go to my LYS today :slight_smile:

If you ever get the urge to do more sweaters, I would be happy to be adoped as one of your family! Can one ever have too many sweaters??? :slight_smile:

OMG…those are too cool/funny/wacky! Just what I need if I keep making so many socks! :slight_smile:

Kemp I don’t think you will find this Opal at your lys. It was sent to me from the middle east. There are a lot of the Opal colors that do not make it to the US or Canada as they didn’t do a large run on them. My friend orders from a lady in Germany and gets lots of colors we donot see.

I favor some of the other brands but do like opal as well. Any of the pattern yarns with wider stripes would work up in this maner. The narrow stripes would give you a totally differen look in entrelac.

You would have fun watching them develop.

Hmm…too bad. I do know of a German site that will ship here, but I have just been debating whether it is worth it to have it shipped from there. Do you know anything about duty/customs on that kind of stuff?

I know a few that order from Martina and everything seems to be taken care of.

I have bought from her via ebay but not directly. My package came through without me having to do anything.

I like some of the other yarns better than Opal so don’t order via Germany.

I wasn’t thrilled when this yarn showed up so decided to see what it would look like in entrelac. I had done a couple of others before this yarn and all of them are different because of the dye patterns. Loads of fun to make those strips jump around then go back to the stripe for the foot.

I dread the day when I have enough sweaters and other knitted things. How will I then justify collecting a yarn stash??? :lol:


What surprises me the most is my dh understands when I buy more yarn!!!

When the first lys that I worked in was closing they reduced their remaining stock to 75% off. This was Jan first and people that had bought yarn before had the right to return it. Well little of the returned stock made it to the stock floor. It usually went into the box of one of the employes, me included. :blush:

I have helped several stores dispose of their inventory!! This was before the re-surgance of knitting.