Anyone ever use this wool Peruvian Highland Wool…it is worsted weight 100% wool and I thought it would be fine for some hats and mittens, couldn’t resist the price right now either…2.61 canadian for a 50 gram ball…anyon make something with it? :woohoo:

It is a great wool, very strong, but mine was a little scratchy

thank you so much, it sounds fine for what I want it for, i try to do a review of yarn before buying but alas can still be carried away by a sale, happy to know I didnt totally strike out

thanks again and happy knitting

Any Time!

Hi there! I’m in Canada too, Ontario, southern area to be exact. Where did you see that yarn? I haven’t seen it and would like to. samm

hi there Samm,
I too am in Ontario about 15 minutes north of Napanee…biggest city is Kingston about an hour away…
anyway the yarn is on
they are excellent to buy from and always have great sales, click on yarn and about halfway down the page you will find the elann peruvian wool
not a ton of colors but nice none the less and a really good deal, let me know how you make out or if you need more help
pattie xxx

It knits up fine…but is a little scratchy. I liked the price! So, I wear a tank top or cami under it.

Based on the description, i.e. 'scratchy, and being ‘Peruvian highland wool’ might this fiber actually be llama? I always thought of llama as being slightly scratchy, and how many sheep are there in the Peruvian highlands? :shrug:

Isn’t WOTA from Knitpicks similar?

Does WOTA stand for Wool Of The Andes?