Anyone ever use Knit One Crochet Too's Tartlette?

Hey! I have been trying to get my guage on this yarn/ribbon for a sleeveless shell pattern and it isn’t working up right. Any suggestions?
I would appreciate any help I can get! Thanks!

I don’t know if I used that yarn but I did use something that looked a lot like it a long time ago (may even have a bit left in my stash, I’ll have to go look.)

When I did use the ribbon yarn, I used it along with another yarn in a scarf so gauge wasn’t an issue.

However, if you are having a gauge issue your only recourse, as with any other yarn/gauge issue is to play with needle sizes until you get the gauge you want.

If the pattern calls for a gauge that is close to the gauge you would get with the Tartlette then you shouldn’t have to go more than a needle size or 2 up or down. If your pattern gauge and yarn gauge don’t match, you will have a harder time getting the right gauge for your garment.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, Susan.
I will just have to keep knitting it up until I find it. The caston can make it a little bit tough. It doesn’t stretch as does the knit itself. I can make the cast on(13sts) 4", but the problem is the 24 rows is supposed to equal 4". I’ll get it one of these days! Thanks again.