Anyone ever use Handeze Glove by Berroco?

After finding out about having Carpal Tunnel, the doctor suggested I find somthing to not only wear at night, but while Im knitting. I remembered seeing this and was wondering if anyone has used it and what they thought of it. It looks like it would work while knitting and be comfortable at the same time.

Or does anyone else use another sort of brace while knitting that they like? Im up for idea’s. Thanks :muah:


Yep, I do. Not the Berraco things, but I do wear compression supports when I type (which is about 7 hours out of every work day) and when I knit (all waking hours :roflhard: ) They are made of that spandex-latex stuff like bike shorts and have a wide velcro stap that goes around the wrist to keep the wrist in a neutral position. My fingers and thumbs are free. They really, really help. If I forget them or have them in the wash, I feel it the next day. I get my supports at Wal-****-two in a pack for about $10.00 in the bandage-first aid section. Hope you feel better. Wrist pain is a bummer :verysad:

Thank you Denise :muah:

I’ve used the handeze gloves. They are just stretchy spandex stuff – no strap for extra support like the kind PurlyGyrl mentioned. It didn’t take long for the seams to start going, so I sought out other sources for more. Found an online medical supply store that had similar gloves at a fraction of the price. (Note: the ones I got are slightly different from the handeze because they have partial fingers – I actually like them better.)

:hug: Jessica :hug: