Anyone ever use Be Sweet Magic Ball Yarn?

I just got a couple of hanks of this gorgeous yarn and want to knit something with it. I tried a shawl pattern but because of the variation of the fibers and my adv beginner level ability, miscounted stitches and messed it up pretty badly. I frogged and ended up having to cut the yarn, losing a significant amount of one hank (the yarn in certain areas knots up so badly, there is no unraveling). I may have to take the portion I lost and cut part of it out so that I can still use the majority of the yarn. Afterall, it’s $30/hank!!!

Anyway, I think the best thing to do with such a varied fiber and colored yarn to create something with almost no stitch variation to showcase the yarn and keep it easy to follow the stitches. Any suggestions? I have about 300 yds to work with. It suggests knitting on size 11 needles. Here’s what it looks like: (It’s in Halloween colorway)

Have never seen it but there are a lot of ideas on Ravelry.

Oh - here’s part of the shawl I frogged… this is the part I couldn’t frog because the yarn knotted while unraveling. I will have to cut out that teeny section of yarn so that I can save the rest of the yarn.

if you want something like a scarf or a shawl do a simple garter stitch scarf or shawl and that way the colors can be seen.