Anyone ever tried this...Drop Stitch Pullover Sweater

Has anybody ever tried to do this?

I wanted to try this for my mother’s Christmas or maybe birthday present, getting an early start. It seems pretty easy(ish) but, I have not really tried a sweater before, mainly because of the cost of yarn. Being only 13 years old (Well, 14 in 3 weeks) I do not have much money. When I have a semi-expensive-ish project every once in a LONG while, my mom usually chips in a little. But since this will be a gift for her, I will have no financial assisstance!!! And I have heard before that some sweaters can cost anywhere between $50-80 and I don’t really have that!! So I have two questions to ask, 1)Is it easy? Because I do not want to purchase a huge load of yarn and then figure out I cannot even use it because the pattern is too difficult! And 2)Does anybody know where to find really cheap ticker-tape type yarn? That is the type of yarn used in this pattern.

Thanks everybody!!! :muah:

Check Michael’s or Joann’s for the Modea Ticker Tape. Both those stores usually have big sales right about now.


I used this same choo choo yarn for a pattern with a similiar drop stitch. I was making something sleeveless. It just didn’t come out as I had envisioned it. I think the gauge across must have been a little too big. And with this type of yarn, there isn’t the stretch that regular yarn has. But i think the drop stitch patterns are very cute.