Anyone ever transfer a car lease?

Well, just wonderin if anyone has ever transferred or taken over a car lease? I have been wanting a new car for a long time now, and finally decided time and money were right and I could do it. I got a ford Escape and don’t regret a penney of it!! :woohoo::woot: Now my previously leased car is sitting in the driveway waiting for a new home. As it turns out we will pay the next 18 months of the lease if we return it now:wall:, so I thought about finding someone to take over the payments. We leased this particular car because it fit financially, and was a nice car. A fully loaded hatchback at $219 a month, unheard of!!! Anyway, any advice on this? I looked at lease, but there fees are a bit high to me, $95 to list then $295 if it sells, and I have to pay the lease company $595, so it would defeat the purpose:shrug:. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated, thanks much!!:eyes: