Anyone ever knit "lacy throw" by bernat?

has anyone every knit “lacy throw” by bernat yarn? i have tried this pattern over and over and over, and im ready to scream. i tried putting stitch markers between the lace panel, but at the end of the first row, i have 14 sts, not 13. someone please help

here the link to the pattern

Take some other yarn and cast on 44 sts and practice the pattern. K 2 or 3 rows, then do row 1. Remember to do the middle part twice - P2. K2tog. yo. P2. yo. Sl1. K1. psso - then the p2, k2tog yo. You won’t have enough to repeat from the * again, but should have 13 sts to do the end of the row alright. Also, a YO doesn’t use up a stitch, it just wraps the yarn around the needle.

So here’s how it goes -
*P2. - 2 sts
Work 1st row Lace Panel. - 9 sts
(P2. K2tog. yo. P2. yo. Sl1. K1. psso) twice. - 8 sts times 2 = 16
P2. K2tog. yo. - another 4 sts.
Rep from * to last 13 sts. - can’t do any repeats with less sts
P2. Work 1st row Lace Panel. P2. - 13 sts

So you’ve got 2+9+16+4+13 = 44sts. You start and end with the same number of sts.

thankyou very much, i will try this when i get the chance and let you know how it goes. thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Getting the first row set in a pattern is always trouble. If you still have your last attempt on the needle, just check it. You should have 6 groups of 31 sts marked off for the repeats (between the **) and a final set of 13 at the end of the row. If you’re just one st off, I think it may be a random error in the repeats, maybe a P1 instead of a P2.

Looks beautiful! Good luck.

so my last attempt, i marked off the lace panel sts with markers, but when i get to the second row, in which the lace panel is p4, k1, p4, i have left over stitches inside the lace panel repeat. what am i doing wrong?

There will always be only 9 sts in the lace panel. It’s possible the markers slid under YOs, but there shouldn’t be any YOs next to the markers in the first place.

The first row - K1. yo. K1. K2tog. P1. Sl1. K1. psso. K1. yo. K1. - takes 9 sts and ends with 9 sts. Look on row 1 and name the sts in the panel to see that you didn’t do too many YOs or forget a dec. You should be able to read them as: knit yo knit dec purl dec knit yo k and that will be 9 sts.

im sorry i just dont see how that only adds up to 9 :S

A yo doesn’t use a stitch, it’s a wrap around the needle and becomes a stitch after you’re done. The decs reduce 2 sts to 1 st. So here’s how that counts out -

K1 - uses 1, leaves 1
yo - uses 0, leaves 1 st on R needle = 2 total
K1 - uses 1, leaves 1 st on R needle = 3 total
K2tog - uses 2, leaves 1 st on R needle = 4 sts total
P1 - uses 1, leaves 1 st on R needle = 5 sts total
Sl1 K1 psso - uses 2, leaves 1 st on R needle = 6 total
K1 - uses 1, leaves 1st on R needle = 7 sts total
yo - uses 0, leaves 1 st on R needle = 8 total
K1 - uses, 1, leaves 1 st on R needle = 9 total

If you’re not sure about sl k psso, it’s on the Decreases page.

Thankyou, i looked at the decreases page, and realized i was misunderstanding the sl1, k1, psso, i was doing adding an extra stitch. thankyou so much for your patience, greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Right you have to pass the sl st over the knit st like you do when binding off. I usually write them as ssk or do them that way.