Anyone ever knit Connections: A Red Scarf

This is the pattern. It has a chart and I just don’t get line #8. Can someone talk to me like I’m 5 and explain it to me?

At the beginning of that pattern, (after the Notes on left) has the instructions in words, which is the same as those shown in the chart form. you can work from the written instructions if chart is too confusing. its good to have both.
This is Row 8.
Row 8: k5, * [B][pf&b][/B] in each of next two sts, k8, from * once more,[pf&b] in each of next 2 sts, k5.

The [B][pf&b][/B] is, Purl front & back into the stitch. or Increase one stitch by working twice into the next 2 sts.
For how to do that increase, see video here
Bar increase, purl.



There’s no purl 2 in there, is there? I just downloaded last night, should be the most recent pattern I have.

OOPs! Corrected. thanks.

DOH! This makes so much more sense. How could I have missed that! Anyway, thanks for pointing this out