Anyone ever buy from Looking for feedback as I am new to buying yarn online…thanks!

I havent yet- BUT would love to hear what everyone eles thinks.
I know you didnt ask but thought it might be neat to find out who people love and who people tend to steer away from…

I personally have purchased from the below

Knitpicks- and they yarn is good, inexpensive and delivered fast :heart: :heart: :heart: (plus if you click thru the banner and make a purchase it supports this site :thumbsup:

Yarn Market- good selection of brands you’d find in the LYS - avg prices delivery is fast too. :heart:

Loop- by far my favorite online buying experience -super fast on the delivery and packaged carefully. :inlove:

Purl Soho: They were my first online yarn purchase…I love love love them- but they tend to carry the pricier yarns so I try to limit my visits to their site because I’m on a budget right now… :frowning:

Yarnware - Not terribly in love with them right now. I bought a lot of Brown Sheep from them on 8/26 and they were very quick to charge my account and have my $$$$ but I still dont have my yarn. I followed up with them via email and they said it’s on order and hope to have “soon” and that “once they get it, they will send to me”. I would be totally fine with that if they told me that first and then gave me the option to wait and charge my card when they ship the yarn to me or cancel the order. I think it’s kind of stinky to charge someone for something that you don’t have and that you aren’t able to send until later. Just my .02 though!

Where are everyone else’s favorite (and not so favorite) places for online ordering?

Both of you might like to have a look at this. :slight_smile: I’ve only bought yarn online from Knitwerx, but it was a wonderful experience. I poked around the Yarnzilla site and couldn’t see whether or not they ship to Canada, so I don’t know whether or not I’ll ever be able to give you my opinion of them.

I have not shopped at Yarnzilla either, however, I have done Knitpicks (which is great as everyone on this forum can tell you) and I just purchased some yarn at and I had a great experience there too. Great yarn, prices are pretty good and the shipping was super fast.

WHAT did you get from knitpixie??? They have some AMAZING stuff! :inlove:

I have shopped there :wink: Several times in fact. I have also ordered at least once from most every other vendor mentioned here. :oops:

LOVE the Misti Alpaca from Yarnzilla, in fact so much so that I think I prefer that to $40 something dollar (retail price, an extremely generous knitter here shared her great deal with me and she had gotten it @ 50% off!!) a ball of cashmere . I think that Misti stuff is softer and more lush and the price was sure better…and even more so when I bought it, it was on sale at that time.

Plus I am a compulsive shopper and love getting discounts. They have something called a punch card that offers different discounts for different dollar amounts of your purchase. The more you spend, the more you get off. Almost too much pressure not to go for the top discounts…Yes, I am a yarn ho. Certified!

Shop with confidence, they Rock!! :thumbsup:


Oh Man! I love thos lexie barnes bags… but 150 dollars? :shock:

ohhhhhhhhh wow. I just logged off from knitpixie- thank goodness my wallet is in the garage in the car and not “accessible” otherwise I’d be in serious trouble. I’m still :drooling: …

Man you are tons more patient than I am!! As soon as they told me some crap like that, I would have strongly demanded my d@mn $$ back NOW!!! It’s just BAD business (not to mention possibly/probably illegal) to charge a customer’s card when the merchant knows full well that they don’t have the product to ship! Ew!!! I’ll never be taking the chance on them; they just might make me turn seriously Hyde on’em! :eyebrow: :devil:

I agree with ekgheiy. I didn’t think they could charge you unles they were sending you your stuff.

I could leave my wallet in Tazmania and I’d still be able to buy. My credit card number is memorized and it has cost me lots and lots of money in impulse purchases. I didn’t learn it on purpose, I just typed it in so much. :oops: :rollseyes:

KK, i purchased the following from

1 x Artyarns . ultramerino4 . color 107
1 x Peace Fleece . dk . kamchatka sea moss

I just purchased a sampling of yarn and will go back and probably purchase more. I have a habit of getting a skein of this and a skein of that and then having to go back and get some more or something to go along with what I already have to make a small project. I love a lot of their stuff, but some was expensive I thought.

nods I’m gonna get some more yarn there, well, once I need some more yarn!


Just in case you were wondering…
I emailed Yarnware again over the weekend re status of my order and asked that they refund the pymt if they hadnt received the yarn. They refunded it to my credit card and apologized- but I still think it stinks that a co. would charge someone for something that they don’t have to sell. (esp since I ordered it on 8/26 and it’s 9/12)
It’s like paying for desert and not getting to eat it!!! Only this is yarn and knitting and I’d just about rather knit than eat desert .
So, now I have $$$$ to spend (well, actually credit cards to charge yarn on!!) :happydance:

What site is this?


oooh…that Artyarns colorway is PREEETY! Looks nice & stretchy, too! Lemme know what its like when you get it in!

KK-Both of the yarns are beautiful. Look great to work with, but of course, I am struggling with that darn scarf for DH, so until that is done and a hat for my new nephew, I won’t be able to touch the new yarn. :frowning: But so far, looks great and feels great!