Anyone ever bought yarn from royalyarn?

Does anyone have experience with them before? Do they give coupon or discount out often? I got a 20% off coupon during thanksgiving but didn’t have chance to use it. Now it’s expired and I’m kind of regret because I just found a scarf pattern and the only place online get cheapper price is

Should I wait till they have another sale or should I go ahead order now?

Emily mom

I don’t know about their coupons, but I have used them and been very happy with them. My advice with patterns is to get it while you can. Knitting sites are filled with posts by people who didn’t get a pattern or knitting book when it was available, it’s now out of print-- sometimes within just months!-- and they are desparate.

I’ve ordered from them and had no problem. I thought the shipping was a bit high so check their shipping before you buy.

Thank you for your reply! I’m going to go ahead order it then.:hug:

FYI, I just got email from them. There’s a 20% off sale 24 hours only (ends 12/08/09 12:00pm est). Using coupon code ‘ThankYou’ when you check out.

Woohoo, definitely going to get what I’ve been waiting for…