Anyone ever been to

The Grand Canyon of the East??? Letchworth State Park is the other name for it. It’s 35 miles south of Rochester, NY. We’re headed to Niagara Falls and my DH had heard about this place and thought it’d be a great find, but we’re finding it’s not going to be the best timing for us and we wanted to go there on our way back home but now we’re thinking maybe of stopping in Syracuse instead.

Anybody?? Any ideas?? Ever been??

Yeah, been there. Nice. Is there a specific question about it?

Yes of course, :wink: is it worth the detour and time to go there? We’ll be headed there the last week of september when there’s nothing going on in any of the towns we’re driving through. So we’re wondering if we should even bother with it or drive straight to Syracuse and see what’s going on there…

It would be STUNNING if the leaves would be changing. It is fabulous to see - my parents live about 1/2 an hour from there. It is right around the Finger Lakes Region which has fabulous small lakes, small towns and lots of winery’s if you are into that type of thing so you could take the less driven route to Syracuse and see more of the countryside!

Finger Lakes Guide
Letchworth State Park Guide

My parents live on one of the Finger Lakes and I [I]love[/I] going to visit them because the area is SO beautiful and relaxing!

Good luck & enjoy your trip!

Yeah, we thought so too, but since the darn leaves turn when they want to and not on our watch :wink: I’m not sure if we’ll get that lucky.

:think: hmmmmm, I wonder what we should do…guess I’ll have to think about it some more.

Thanks for the links BTW!! :thumbsup: