Anyone else's Michael's clearing out yarn?!

I was so excited! I had a 40% coupon for Michael’s and JoAnn’s…and they are clearancing out a bunch of yarn. I got some great self striping sock yarn for 1.90 a skein! (They were clearanced out for 3.00 a ball) Check yours out if you haven’t!

I haven’t heard about that happening here in Oklahoma. However I always check the Sunday papers for yarn sales. I hope they’re not. Since I’ve become a knitting fanatic, I’m highly susceptible to yarn overdose.

I think they are just clearing out older yarns…cause they are still getting newer yarns. I fell in love with a Moda Dea yarn at Michael’s today that is fuzzy, and I hate fuzzy yarn so that means something. I am totally going over nad get some more 3.00 skeins of this nice sock yarn until it runs out or I run out of coupons!

There was a ton of that sock yarn at my Michael’s for $3 a skein, also some colors of other yarns (Lion Chennile, Wool-Ease, Homespun) that were on clearance, I think because the colors are being discontinued. Look for the red tags!!

I was at Michaels today to get some yarn for a bag I’m making. I did notice alot of sale prices. But arghhh …I didnt have a 40% off coupon. I’m buying a paper today though. I also picked up an application, because I could totally use a part time job. I wonder if anyone there knows anything about knitting because their needle selection sucked! I am totally winging my project now, but thats ok…it will still be ok…i hope…lol.

If I got a job at Michaels though…you know NONE of my paycheck would ever come home…loL.

Where do you usually find the 40% off coupon? I was just in Michaels on Thursday and they had a few yarns on clearance then, but not a lot. Definitley going to check it out though!

Remember that they take JoAnn’s coupons too. I think my kids will be set for socks for a few years. :lol:

I get Michaels coupons in the Sunday paper, but where does one get Joann’s coupons???

You can get Joann coupons on line…don’t know if you have to register w/them or not though, sorry.


You can’t use the coupons for sale priced items around here. I tried to buy an item that was on sale around christmas time & they wouldn’t even take the coupon off of the regular price like they would at Joann’s.