Anyone else want to knit this colorful scarf?

I think this Log Cabin scarf is so pretty. I am going to start it and wondered if anyone else is interested in Knitting Along with me? Here is is…


That scarf is beautiful! If I weren’t about to start a clapotis and trying to finish a Lady E and a Lizard Ridge I would be joining you. I do think I’m going to have to get Folk Style there are so many cool patterns in this book. I look forward to seeing your scarf soon!


I totally want to make this!!! But as we’re about to go into summer… I need to get a few christmas presents done first… lol!

I have this on my list to start just after my birhtday in Feb… :smiley:

Quilt lady, I have about 5 projects started and none finished but I really want to do this one, so I think I am going to join you on this. It will be a slow go for me but I really like this one. Any yarn substitution suggestions?


I LOVE that scarf and it’s on my queue. However, I need to finish a few things first as well.

I was just wondering if you were planning on using the kidsilk the pattern calls for or if you were substituting for the yarn.

If so, what are you thinking of using. I haven’t started researching possible alternatives but I don’t want to spend $13 a skein for the kidsilk.

Can’t wait to see yours in progress.


I, like everyone else, have too many projects left undone in my 2 bags. I cannot wait to hear and see how the project goes. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. What a perfect project for a beginner.

That’s a gorgeous scarf! I bet it could be made with other like weight yarns. I’m thinking that a yarn with an interesting colorway could probably be substituted and then you wouldn’t have to change yarns throughout. Just do the mitered squares. Noro yarns come to mind as I’ve done mitered squares with them and they turn out absolutely gorgeous!

That is gorgeous!! But looks hard!! Is it? I"m pretty new at this (I was good a few years ago and just started up again!)

Mitered squares are easy and fun. You cast on an even number of stitches and place a marker between the middle two stitches (so for a 20 stitch mitered square you would put the marker between stitches 10 and 11) For a scarf where you could see both sides you would probably do garter stitch, so knit every row. Every odd row you knit across to the last two stitches before the marker and K2tog, slip the marker then K2tog (sometimes ssk) then knit to the end of the row. Every even row you just knit across. So you are decreasing in the middle by 2 stitches every row. This causes the long edge to eventually be pulled up to make two of your sides. They are fun little squares to make.

I will give it a try!! Can you recommend a yarn?

Do you make all the squares and then sew them together?

Well I’ve knit three of the blocks and I used a nice wool yarn. But I am not satified with that yarn. I want something that looks more “elegant”.

The blocks are actually very easy to do. I think I’d like to use a better yarn for this. Of course there is a “public” side and a “private” side to this scarf. So you’d have to make sure the “public” side is showing when you wear it or you can see the rows where you changed the yarn colors. Unless you use a colorway yarn like knitncook suggested. I think that’s a great idea for this scarf!!

I’ll have to see what I have in my stash.

Another newbie question…what’s a colorway yarn?

I’ve got a couple projects on the go too (socks, Christmas Mystery Stole) but I fell in love with this scarf and had to make it.

I ordered Kid Mohair Silk from Sarah’s Yarns (1 skein of lavender, 2 of natural) and I’m planning on dying it myself. I also ordered some of the new Harmony option tips from knitpicks. Can’t wait to start it!

I had 8 coordinating skeins of Cascade 220 in my stash, so I bought a 9th color and casted on. After knitting up the first 4 small squares, I came to some realizations:

  1. It’s good that I did these for practice, because I need some refining of the picking up stitches technique. I have some gaps where the squares join, and I think it’s because I was only picking up one loop of the stitch instead of the whole stitch.

  2. The worsted weight yarn will give me a finished width of 18" before blocking, and probably 22-25 after blocking – which is too wide for a scarf, too narrow for a blanket. And I don’t like the fabric to wear as a wrap. Though I used size 10 needles, it still has very little drape. So this is now a practice piece – I will probably do 2 more of the large squares to refine my techniques.

  3. I need to learn to weave in the ends as I go. Mags Kandis posted a link to a tutorial with great photos on the Knitting Daily website. That tutorial is at:

  4. This style of knitting is addictive!! I definitely want to make the scarf/wrap now, but I am going to splurge on either Kid Silk Haze or Frog Tree Alpaca sport. However, I am going to make myself finish 2 WIPs before I can buy the yarn and cast on.

Did anyone read the email from Knitting Daily about the yardage on this scarf? It seems that you can get 2 of the wraps out of 1 skein each of the Kidsilk.

I still don’t think I can splurge on all that yarn right now but it would make a difference if I was making 2 and gifting one – especially with Christmas so close at hand.


I asked myself the same question. As defined by Wikipedia…

[COLOR=#800080]colorway[/COLOR]: variegated yarn with two or more distinct hues (a “parrot colorway” might have green, yellow and red)

I’d love to see your squares!!

I’m looking at getting some more of the Grignasco Bambini (which is a fingering weight) as I have some in my stash. The colours are gorgeous and it’s sooo soft… Plus, it’s not hugely exxy… and I can probably get 3/4 wraps out of the balls :smiley:

I’m thinking of buying some silk Noro yarn. I love their colors. I have to do some more research to make sure before I order it on line.:wink:

Thanks for posting. I have so much Cascade 220 in mys tash that when I saw the scarf my first reaction was to use up some of it to make the scarf. So i guess that plan will not work. I guess I will have to check out my LYS to see what else there is but I have to finish:

Almost done with a clapotis - working on the decrease rows now. Must finish it by next Friday to take on my cruise. Same with a Noni bag I am making for my mom. I just have to felt it and sew the flowers on the bag. Also need for next Friday. One sleeve left to do on a baby sweater - the baby will be born on the 15th of October so that should be a piece of cake! I just started a Juliet sweater - I love this pattern and if I can get it done for the cruise that would be great - if not it will be a great project for the plane - we have a 9 hour flight to Amsterdam!

Hi, I looked into all of the prices for Kids silk in the last two weeks, if I can get all colors at the lowest price, it is still another $100.00. I never knitted with Rowan’s Kid silk, so I cannot really compare, but I found Crystal Palace Kid Merino, for 1/2 of the price. (anyone knows both yarns?).
The colors are not so coordinated and subtle, or springlike, but it would make a nice Jewel tone one. Kid Merino, is 28 % merino, 28 kid mohair, and 44 Nylon.240 yards).
I have 5 Xmas projects going, but hey… the more the merrier:-))))