Anyone else still having trouble with Harmony Options set?

I invested in a set of Harmony Options not too long after they came out and I loved them. They are pretty and have such a great feel to them.

After reading posts about them here, I wasn’t surprised when I had to have a set of tips replaced. Knit Picks Customer Service took care of it right away, no problems or issues.

Over the past year I haven’t done much knitting because of other projects and time commitments. However, I just started knitting again and pulled out my trusty Options set to start a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend’s new little one. Now I’m noticing that more tips are coming apart, one is stripped on the end so it won’t tighten and my cables are losing their metal tips.

Anyone else having Harmony Options troubles? Have you contacted Knit Picks? Have they resolved your issues?

Just wondering if I should lay my Harmonies down and come up with a different “option.”


I’ve had my Options for about a year now and my Harmony’s not quite as long. The only problems I had with mine were inspecting them when they first arrived and CS replaced any problems at that time. I haven’t had anything go wrong since then. I would contact CS and see what they say.

So far so good here. I haven’t used all the tips yet, but did a check after I opened them up.

The only goof I had was my fault. I didn’t use the tightening pin and one needle came loose during use.

I use mine all the time. One cable came out the other day, when I was knitting too tightly with cotton yarn. Easy to secure back in with a drop of super glue.

I do have one tip that won’t work with one particular cable, but that cable and that tip work fine with other combinations, so I didn’t contact them about it.

Same here…had to have a couple of sets of tips replaced, did so without a problem. Then a cable popped out. I’d lately begun having problems with the zipper on the bag separating. Last week when trying to get it zipped, the plastic zipper plate broke. I’ve e-mailed them and got the auto-response ‘we’re receiving a high volume you’ll hear back from us in a few days’ message. Waited a week to try and check the status and got the same auto response again. Still waiting, hopefully, for a good resolution.

I would call knit picks instead of emailing them you will get a MUCH faster response.

No problems here! I’ve had mine nearly a year and use them often!

I haven’t had a problem with my Harmony tips but I found that one set of my Options (metal) tips weren’t the same size. The size 7 tips were actually one size 7 and one size 8. I called CS and they sent me two new size 7 tips. I’m glad I bought their needle sizer - I use it all the time just to make sure what I’m using is correct!!

I do have a problem with one of my 24 inch cables - it’s not seated in the end correctly and yarn snags on it. I guess I should call CS and get it replaced.

Knit Picks customer service is very good!!!


I’ve had mine since April- and only have had one problem with a splitting tip which was replaced immediately (with 2 more needles so I have a backup in that size too now.) Cables & joins are all fabulous and I knit all the time with them.

Sorry you’re still having issues. How long will they replace needles after buying a set?

I have had mine for about a month and one of my size 8 Harmony tips came out of the metal join at the bottom last week. I fixed it this morning with a tiny bit of super-strong glue and, since others have had that work as a fix, I may just leave it at that. Also, the zipper broke on my plastic case, but I never intended to keep it for forever anyway, since it is fairly cheap. It still holds everything, I just have to be careful not to dump it upside down for now.

Still, I am not sorry I bought them.

I haven’t had any problems other than I don’t have enough cables for all the UFO’s. I currently have both my 32" and one of my 24" full. I also have to use the caps because I tend to need the same size needles quite a bit. I am having so much fun with them. I will continue to buy more pieces as I place orders with KP.

I had one tip pop out of the metal connector- called and got it replaced. Then I had some other cable issue, don’t remember what it was, but called and got that replaced. Then my size 5 needle tip snapped- called and got that replaced. This all happened over a space of MORE than a year. Customer service has never given me a problem about replacements. I do wonder, though, if at some point they’re going to quit being so nice about it? I still love my harmonies, though.

Honestly, I think it would be VERY bad for their business if they did. I know that I bought my Harmony set because of all of the positive things that were said about the set AND the customer service. If, for whatever reason, they were to start having bad customer service, I think the little problems we’ve had would become larger headaches and knitters would stop recommending them to other knitters. KnitPicks would lose a great deal of business, IMO.

So, let’s just hope that things keep up they way they have. :slight_smile: