Anyone else snowed in?

We didn’t get as much as Boston or the eastern seabord, but we sure have a lot of snow this morning! Anyone else?

I hope you have lots of good books and knitting projects to work on! No snow in my part of Maryland but very high winds. A good day to [I]run[/I] errands and then come back inside and cook.

We’ve got about 4" here in Southern NJ. Will be working on my prayer blanket project this afternoon.


There was panic around here about the 12-18" we were supposed to get. I think we got 10 tops. Not too bad considering.

I hope the snow doesn’t cause lots of trouble for all of you. It’s times like this I’m glad to be on the west coast. Should I tell you it’s spring-like here? The rain is warmer.

Gorham, ME got 32 inches, Portland 29+, but our area has been unable to get a number because the wind is still blowing like mad. This was the last report I saw early this morning.

Neighbor across the street has snow up to his windows but part of lawn is bare due to the wind.


Just hoping for some rain here in Texas! We had our snow for the year a few months ago–about 3 inches of lovely wet fluffy stuff that fell straight down and coated the tiniest little twig. And then by that afternoon it was all gone.

But to those of you who are living in the wrong place: Stay safe! Stay warm! And get those UFO’s out of the closet and get busy.

Opened front door shows our car almost buried:

but not to worry, DH is out there clearing it now…

Wow, so pretty!

Pretty when you’re sitting in Southern Cali!:tap::teehee:

The best part of a snowfall is seeing all the branches outlined in snow. The wind kind of made that impossible and helped to cover up all the shoveled paths. At least it melts eventually!

True… :teehee: It was raining here when you had the snow and in the 50’s, but that’s cold to me. :lol:

You all are actually lucky, (I know, you don’t think so… :teehee: ), because here in the Midwest, we really, really need the snow. And if not the snow, some rain.

Our water levels are still low from the drought last year, and it looks like we’re gonna have another dry summer.

So send some snow down here, or your food prices are going to sky-rocket!! :wink:

We got a little bit of NC snow here a couple of weeks ago. Which is to say we got sleet and freezing rain that didn’t do much more than make everything nice and slick. But it was gone by the next day, so no worries.

Of course that didn’t stop the land rush to the grocery stores. You’d think they were predicting a blizzard or something.

My family and friends have all checked in and say they are okay. My parents needed help digging the snow away from the door. The drifts had blocked them in. Most are back to normal today!:yay: