Anyone else sick of Harry P*tter?

I know, I know. But I don’t like Harry Potter. I read the first book and that was plenty for me. I didn’t understand why wizards and witches were celebrating Christmas. Hmmm. (I don’t want to get into a religious debate.) There has to be someone else out there that is anti-harry. C’mon and show yourselves!!

LOL I’m neither for…nor against…however… I AM concerned at these almost obsessive, cult like behaviours being encouraged. Someone bought an advance copy in Australia yesterday, was walking by a lake and accidentally dropped the receipt into the water…in he dove. He was pulled out by parademics absolutely hypothermic and had to be taken to hospital of course. There a kind doctor rang the store and helped the young man resolve it. As equally I don’t like hearing about very young teens pouring debt onto their parents by obsessively ringing voting lines for Idol etc…on the belief that if only they might ring a few more times they may save someone!

And isn’t the BBC now getting a justifiable flogging for having cheated so many prize competition shows - including children’s shows. These shows need independent overseers.

Yes. I’ve never read or seen anything Harry Potter. And I’m glad. I don’t get into too many fads and I think this is just that. It’ll fade and someday your kids/grandkids will laugh at you when you admit how into HP you were!


Yup. Not diggin the HP either. The thing I do like about it, is that it has encouraged kids to read.

I’m not a fan either, although I must say that I’m impressed with J.K. Rowling’s rags to riches story. That’s a story worth reading! :thumbsup:

Well, it also certainly tells you how many books she’s sold and what she’s got for movie rights and memorabilia. In a basic book contract you get zero money (as author I mean) for the sale of the first 500 and then you start on only 2% of the sales price and that doesn’t rise until another 500 to thousand are sold. Obviously a well known author would get more…but…she has certainly drawn in the wealth and that’s for sure.

I’m another one who isn’t really ‘into’ Harry Potter, although I admit I am keen to know what the ending is! I read the first 4 books but haven’t bothered with the rest and don’t plan on reading the last. I also saw the first 2 movies but wasn’t impressed so haven’t seen any of the others. I do agree with the comment about kids reading - I think it’s fantastic, but I don’t think it’s a fad - I think Harry will be around forever - the adults and children reading Harry now will tell their kids when they are old enough to read it and it will keep going on.


I’m not into HP either. I’ve never read the books or seen the movies.

ME ME ME - I am so sick of Harry Potter !!! Must admit I never read any of the books, fantasy has no appeal for me. I did go see the first movie with friends and was so incredibly bored that there is not a bribe large enough to make me go see any of the others.

The way the people I work with go on and on the last month speculating about what will happen, you would think Harry was living next door.

Anyway, thank you so much for this thread. I’ve thought about starting it several times myself.

Oh my goodness! Well, I am a Harry Potter fan and not ashamed to say so even though I am 53 and have read the books each at least 10 times and listened to them on CD about as much. They are like this intricate mystery story to me where I get some clue each time I reread or relisten to them. I can understand it though that this has been the talk of the town so to speak for weeks. Be patient it will die down soon now that people have their hands on the book. It will become old news as there are no more books.

You have to be impressed by a couple things about this book, it has really encouraged a lot of non readers to read and it has brought families together for discussions at dinner, or while watching the HP movies. You can’t beat something like that. No book in history has appealed across the board to adults and children of all ages where they can freely discuss it amongst families and enjoy doing so. We could surely use a lot more of families spending time together.

While I’m not anti-HP and have seen the movies on HBO, the books used to drive my husband crazy when he was teaching H.S. English. His seniors would want to use the books for class assignments. His major complaint was that they are at about a 6th grade reading level. He felt that 16, 17, 18 yo’s, particularly college-bound students, should be reading more advanced literature.

I’m not a fan but I’m not anti-potter :teehee:… I did try to read the first book but just couldn’t get interested… I’m glad to see that so many kids want to read and like nonny said it is something you can do together…

Nonny I totally agree. I love that it fuels imaginations. Today’s kids are not encouraged to make believe as much as they used to. There is so much more to learn in school there isn’t much room for free thinking.

The best things in the world were devised by people who not only considered a question and found an answer…they are the people who found the questions in the first place. I think its great when people think outside the box.

I’m 32. I have read the books and seen the movies and am still a fan. :slight_smile:

One of the kids I used to work with was a 3rd grade girl. I started reading Harry Potter to her over the summer I got through 3 chapters and quit because she took the book from me and stuck her noce into it for the next 4 weeks. It took her that long to get through it but it inspired her to read which previously had been a tooth and nail fight. I’m greatful for that.

I do think it’s great that families can find something to read together and enjoy. What I find disturbing is how huge the phenomenon of Harry has gotten. It’s a [I]billion[/I] dollar business. Just imagine how great this world would be if everyone reading Harry Potter today put all that collective energy and money into something really meaningful like (insert your favorite cause here).

The quality and quantity of books available for kids and young adults has skyrocketed since 1997 when the first HP came out. Fueled in part by the success of HP, this is outstanding! :cheering:


Ha! I knew it. I’ve never even held one of the HP books in my hands. My eyes glaze over when I see one in person. I’ve never had an interest in reading them and am astounded at the glut of adults who lap them up. My own sister! :doh:

I caught a bit of one of the movies while surfing the movie channels. Uh. No, thanks. The Princess Bride, on the other hand. :thumbsup: But it’s like Bugs Bunny - written for the grownups.

I love speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction… In fact, I enjoy all types of fiction that’s written by adults for adults. When I was twelve, I read the Tolkien books. But that was thirty-five years ago. So… no, thanks.

I’ve haven’t even seen one of the movies. I’m not into “spells” and things like that. :shifty:

I understand being sick of all the HP mania since that’s all that’s been on the minds of people for the last month. I don’t understand though the need to bash those who read/like the books. There are so many adults reading these books and I don’t think it makes them childish to want to enjoy the books. I think its great that the HP books have encouraged more people to read and with adults and childern reading them families can have something to talk about rather than the latest episode of American Idol. I say to each their own, if you don’t like them that’s fine but I don’t think its fair to put down those who do like the books.

i don’t think anyone was putting anyone else down for liking the whole HP phenomenon. i think those who are not into it or excited about it are just tired of hearing about it on what seems like every webpage/news site/community/t.v. news …
it can be a bit annoying to see it 'everywhere’when you aren’t even interested in it.
i do think it is a great thing that it has become ‘cool’ to read now =) i have never been one to read my appropriate age level. i read the trixie beldon books in 4th grade, and quickly moved to stephen king by the time i was 11 (the dark tower :heart:) i might read the HP books. but i’ll wait for the furor to die down, and borrow it from the library :mrgreen:

I didn’t mean to over react about that. I just think the books are good things for everyone in our society today when people are spending so much time on watching tv, going on the computer, and playing video games. I think they’ve done a positive thing by encouraging people to read more regardless of age. I mean when is the last time a book caused such hype? I understand that it can be annoying to hear over and over if you don’t read the books thought.