Anyone else knit with JoAnn Sensations Marvel Yarn?

I was given a hank of JoAnn Sensations Marvel Yarn in Multi. I don’t usually buy JoAnn Sensations Yarn. - Not that I have anything against it, I just have never tried it. If you’ve never used the Marvel - it’s a wool yarn that alternates thin yarn with chunky yarn (just the way it’s spun). I am knitting up a skinny scarf in it for my 3 yr old. The colors are very childlike and because of the yarn consistency, it lends itself to a very whimsicle scarf.

Here’s the question: I’d like to make fringe at the ends of the scarf. I’ve never made fringe before. :oops: Would this even work with the consistency of this yarn?

Thanks in advance!

With my infant knitting imagination when you asked about the fringe, I imagined your lovely yarn not hanging down well enough to show it’s pretty texture, it might be too light with it’s thinner parts. Could beads be put on the end? A little weight might extend the fringe enough to show it’s pretty pattern. Or is your child old enough to have beads and not try to chew them off?
I don’t know anything about the yarn itself. But it sounds lovely. Is it possible for you to post a picture of the finished article? I’d sure like to see it.