Anyone else in my knitting shoes?

I love knitting. I have only been knitting for about 4 months. But I haven’t completed a thing yet! I hate following patterns. I like just picking up needles and :XX: Its relaxing and I enjoy it but I can’t stick with following the patterns. I have half a sock done and im really pushing myself to finish. I dread the second one lol. Does anyone else hate following patterns? Maybe its because you have to keep up with more things. Small easy things bore me, but this sock by the way gives me a headache.(I was making it more complicated than it was) But its looking cute though! :cheering: where is the happy medium? I have a huge basket with tons of yarn,tons of needles,supplies, the whole nine yards. I just got my first order from knit picks. I REALLY wanna finsh something.

perhaps you should read elizabeth zimmerman’s book ‘‘knitting without tears’’… I too hate following patterns, this book was soo liberating…inspires confidence to do your own thang!

Welcome to knitting!! I can’t say I hate following patterns…BUT if I can’t understand what its saying then I sure do get frustrated!! :?? I LOVE the process of knitting and if I can “get” the pattern then I am a very happy knitter. :smiley:

I just finished knitting my first lace scarf. The pattern was easy but it had a lot of different stitches that I had to follow. So I used one of those magnetic boards and that really HELPED me keep my place on the paper on every row in the pattern as to what I was to stitch next. :cheering: My LYS lady recommended the board to me and I remembered I had one from when I use to do counted cross stitch.

I just cast on to knit my second lace scarf…without using that magnetic board I’d still be confused as to where I was knitting on the first scarf. lol

I’ve only been knitting since January and, while I will follow most patterns, there are times when I’ve modified something to how I want to knit it!

I have to say that my trouble is getting around to finishing items, i.e. seaming!

Absolutely love the knitting - just need to get around the seaming block as I have two sweaters, (toddler size) and a shrug that need completing. :blush:

When I start feeling that way I do the charity knitting. Look at the Preemie Project post. It’s a great way to feed the “but I just want to knit for a while” feeling and it helps someone too.

:slight_smile: I understand a bit. I cant stick to a pattern to save my life! I always have to make a change. I say get a good book like “The Knitters Handbook” it teaches you lots of neat decreases, different increases, etc, You are a designer! You just need to learn some more stitches so you will fly! :happydance: :XX:

I understand. Most of the time, I can follow a pattern (although I may make modifications), but more & more, I’m wanting to just branch out & knit on my own. And you can do that! You do whatever makes you happy with knitting.

I’ve been knitting since October 2005 and while I usually stick to patterns I’ve been able to adjust things a bit now that I know more and do more stuff on my own. I think once you get the basics down and see how things are put together you’ll be able to create AND finish projects. :wink:

Following patterns is tough at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and learn where you can tweak things to suit your tastes. Then you’ll be off writing your own patterns and publishing them, and we’ll all be cheering for you and saying “remember when you hated following patterns?” :rofling:

My bete noir is the chart–I look at it and think “ACK!!” But Ingrid the Wise says charts are far easier than word patterns because it’s easier to tell where you are. I haven’t yet tested that…

I usually don’t have trouble following patterns {as long as they are written well}, but as a designer, I frequently get inspired to try something different that I can’t find a pattern for.