Anyone else have cord issues with Knitpicks Options set?

One of the 32" cords that came with my Options set is pulling away from the join. It’s still usable, but I’m afraid it will break away totally. The other side of the cord and the other 32" cord are fine. I e-mailed Knitpicks yesterday to see about a replacement, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Has anybody else had any issues with the set?

I just recieved mine yesterday so I haven’t had any problems yet. However, I do know that several other people have had defective parts and Knit Picks has replaced them at no charge. I hope you can get a resolution to the problem soon.

I guess it’s only to be expected with a new line - Invariably flaws show up in production that don’t show up when you’re only making test samples for reviews. It’s just probability. But I have faith that KnitPicks will improve and do whatever they can to continue providing a wonderful service to the knitting community.

They are sending my new ones out. one of my 32" ones pulled clean out. Not a big deal, didn’t lose any knitting, just a minor inconvenience. For how fast and how clean I can knit on these needles I will put up with having to send out an email and wait for some mail. :slight_smile:

Yarnmommy, you e-mailed them? How long did it take them to respond? I sent an e-mail Tuesday morning and have not heard anything yet. I guess I should call…

I haven’t had any issues with my Options…love, love! Although, I was missing one of the keys, and it has already been put in the mail for me! As for emails, I know that they are swamped with emails all of the time. My friend, Jasmine, that works there is the person that I deal with and I know that she reads and responds to each email…and she receives 100s of emails daily…so, it may take a day or 2 for a response, I think…but, I’m sure that you will get a response as soon as possible :smiley:

As someone who answers email for a living, if it’s urgent to you, call them. When you are swamped w/email, you can only get so many out at one especially if you have to research an issue. :slight_smile: I’m going to order my Options today!!

a-HA!!! Now we all have our “in” with Knitpicks… just call up, and ask for “Jasmine”… “Hi jasmine, this is Hildie… you know, Rebecca’s friend?” :angelgrin: :thumbsup:


Won’t be Becka’s friend for long…

Yeah, I was thinking I’ll prpbably call them this afternoon after I get home from work. I wouldn’t consider it urgent, and I totally understand that they are swamped, I was just curious if this was happening to other people.

I placed an order yesterday, and I never got an email. It also didn’t show up on their websiteunder my account until this morning.

I hope you are able to get ahold of someone.

LOL, ya’ll are bad! She actually became my friend online from dealing with KP when I did the socks…that’s just the kind of people that work there :wink: