Anyone else have a spouse who travels a lot?

Right now my dh is on his way to China, then Frankfurt and finally Kuala Lampur. He’ll be gone for 10 days.

He travels a lot and has since my son was born almost 13 years ago. If he’s home for 2 weeks that’s a long time.

Anyone else with a traveling sweetie?

I have better times than others, last time he was gone for 2 weeks and that was a long time.

I am used to it (you would think I would be by now!) but still I’m not happy about it.

Just wondering how you get by.



Yup - my DH travels alot for work, mainly in the US and about once a year overseas. It’s hard, especially now with a 1 year old. We communicate every day by email, texting, phone, etc so that he doesn’t feel out of touch with what’s going on at home.

I tend to gear up for his trips and make sure I have plenty of Netflix movies on hand and “chick” shows on the TiVo. Plus, lots of knitting projects of course!

If he’s going to be gone over a weekend I tend to invite family up for the weekend. It definitely helps me keep my sanity!

I’m the traveling sweetie. I’m going to Peru for a couple of weeks soon. I know it’s going to rough on my hubby, since up until now, I’ve always been able to take him with me when I travel.

But I am excited about getting to go to Peru.


My husband goes through spurts with his job. Up untill 6 months ago he hadn’t traveled in about 3 years. For the last 6 months he has been working in the US, we live in Canada. He is home for one week in each month. I find it really hard right now, when our kids were younger they didn’t really miss him they had me, but now that they are 7 and 5 (we have a 2 year old to, but he is just happy to have me) they really miss him. By the end of my husbands shift away my 2 older boys get so they are crying at the drop of a hat, and very moody. I know my husband misses them so much when he is gone, everytime the kids talk to him on the phone they lay on a guilt trip “daddy when are you coming home?” We’re hoping he only has 1 more month to go, although I highly doubt it.

I’m involved in a non-knitting blog and the man who owns that one is away 3 weeks every month overseas from home base. So, turning it around, he is only home with his family a week a month - although they do meet up sometimes in other countries. Now THAT is a global lifestyle!

I completely understand - my DH is a pilot. He’s gone ALL the time! :pout: He’s been flying for the airlines almost 3 yrs now. You would think I would be used to it, but I’m not. We’ve had to move twice because of his job - although I like Texas! - but I am alone a lot. But I will admit it is nice to have the bed to myself sometimes! :happydancing:And now our animals think of just me as their primary caretaker instead of both of us. It makes me feel needed, but I think it kinda upsets him that they turn to me when they’re upset or sick instead of him. :pout:

[SIZE=1]PS - But the travel benefits are a BIG perk!! :heart:[/SIZE]

Well, mine is deployed to Iraq right now… he’s been there for 11 months. He was suuposed to be back next month, but he got extended until November. So, it’s just me, 3 dogs and my cat here… Netflix and the local video/book store are my best friends (and I knit/cross stitch while I watch TV!)

oh, about moving? we have moved 6 times in the past 7 years!

IBAmyB… Power to you and prayers and good wishes to your partner :slight_smile: Won’t the homecoming be sooooo nice tho :slight_smile:

My husband is in the military. I think my biggest complaint is that I just don’t sleep as well when he’s gone and I get so tired. It’s getting better though.

As of last year, my DH is home around 4-6 days a month. He calls everyday, sometimes 2-3 times and texts the kids every morning and night. The kids are older 15, 14 and 12, so they don’t really miss him as much as I do. It’s really bad when you have to call your hubby 1500 miles away to have him tell one of your kids to behave, or that Mom said NO!!

This has happened lots to us lately! My husband use to buy some little toy for everyone and told them they could have it if they were good. Then when everyone got there toy they were fighting because they liked the other persons toy better. So now nobody gets a toy because they don’t apprciate it.

My husband is in the navy and is deployed right now. :frowning:

My BF’s in the Air Force, so he spends a lot of time overseas. He’s been out of the country during his last four birthdays and it looks like he’ll be away the next as well.
We’re planning on marrying and he’s planning on going career in the AF, so there will be many movings and deployments in our future.

Husband is Navy too, and currently deployed. The good news is I can see him during port visits when he’s out. I also travel a lot for work, so between the 2 of us our fur children are like latch key kitties…:smiley:

And to all the other military spouses, SO’s, parents and children on this board.

Thank you to all of you for the support you give to our troops. It’s frequently a lonely, and unheralded thing you do - all too fraught with fears of danger for your loved ones. I have the utmost respect for you.



My dh is a truck driver. He leaves out on Monday mornings; returns early Saturday mornings and leaves out on Monday. He owns his own truck and makes good money. I like this arrangement!